The Djet (dʒɛt) is a two-handed sword with roots in the New Voxelian medieval period. The weapon is sometimes still carried as close-quarters weapon for auto-armor units in the Grand Army of Voxelia.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A djet is a sturdy two-handed greatsword featuring two sets of guards - one smaller set over the other, separated by a grip-wrapped ricasso - and a long grip. This grants the weapon an extreme degree of leverage when used in both hands. The pommel of a djet is sometimes shaped like a blunt, squat hook instead of a round knob, as this allows the weapon to be used in snag-and-pull maneuvers against an opponent's equipment (i.e. straps or the edges of a shield).   The double-edged blade of a djet is long and straight, with a 45 degree angled taper at the tip. Unlike most straight swords, the defining feature of the djet is that one edge of this tip continues past the blade on the back of the sword, creating a lozenge-shaped protrusion at the trailing edge of the blade. This protrusion serves much the same purpose as a billhook, making the blade more easily able to strike behind an opponent's guard or pull away their shield. The extra weight of this extension is counterbalanced either by an extension of the pommel or the lower guard on the other side of the blade.   While a djet is perfectly capable of being used in a thrust - with half-handing allowing for even greater precision in this regard - the balance of the weapon makes it more proficient at chopping and hewing into opponents. Indeed, during the medieval period, a particularly burly knight was said to be able to decapitate a horse through it's rider with a strong enouth stroke of the djet.


Djets are common weapons both in the literal and symbolic sense. The djet is symbolic of the wartime strength and prowess of the Voxelian state, a reputation born of the weapon's use as a means to overcome Elovisian and Elovisian-adjacent insurgents during the formation of the modern state.  
Warfare has evolved over the millenia; while firearms once threatened to relegate almost all melee weapons to antique status, the advent of urban fighting and bullet-soaking dieseltech auto-armor has once again challenged the advantages of ranged weapons. Especially at short to close range, as one might inspect in an urban environment, bunker complex, skystation, or airship, a melee weapon can dispatch opponents quickly with little risk of over-penetration. Furthermore, as a suit of auto-armor enhances the strength of its user, a djet can be wielded in one hand to deliver fatal blows to multiple unarmored opponents in a single sweep - all from behind the safety of a ballistic tower shield held in the other hand.   The Voxelian martial art of Djet Kazh began primarily as a way to train warriors to use the djet, but later expanded to include the use of other weapons and shields as well as unarmed fighting and grappling techniques.
Voxelian Standard by BCGR_Wurth
Djet by BCGR_Wurth
A stylized djet as it appears on the seal of the Grand Army of Voxelia. Not to proportion/scale.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Though it is an ancient weapon, modern variants still see service at the front lines of the War of Reunification. Certain Voxelian assault auto-armor units typically carry a specially reinforced djed along with a ballistic tower shield and an appropriately-sized grease gun, making them devastating opponents in confined spaces while leaving long-range cover to other units.
Up to 5lbs
Up to 5ft long
Base Price
500 NGC

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