An elledjet (literally a 'graceful djet') is a shortsword or dagger variant of a djet. It is typically employed at close to grappling range, where a full-sized djet would be difficult to employ, though it does retain some of the features of its larger counterpart.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Like a djet, the double-edged blade of a djet is straight and comes to a 45 degree angled taper at the tip; similarly, this tip also features a three-quarters lozenge offset from the fuller, creating a billhook- or harpe-like barb at the back of the weapon for penetrating counterstrokes. Unlike the djet, however, an elledjet features a one-handed handle, a single crossguard with the ends curled upwards to snag other weapons, no ricasso, and a shorter blade; the whole weapon seldom measures longer than two feet from pommel to blade tip. This sorter profile, coupled with the center of gravity being closer to the hilt of the weapon, makes the elledjet more proficient at thrusting than its larger counterpart, though it does retain some ability to chop.   In combat, an elledjet can be used singly, with a shield, in pairs, or as a secondary weapon to a jester's flail. When used in the off-hand, an elledjet is typically employed in a defensive mode, parrying attacks and prying at an opponent's equipment with hooking strikes. Practitioners remain torn on the question of whether an elledjet's rear point should be kept to the rear (maintaining the cutting ratio of a straight sword) or to the front (gaining the advanced around-shield reach ability of a kukri or falx, but requiring better edge alignment to not twist out of the user's hand).


While the djet is regarded in New Voxelian culture as a warrior's weapon, the elledjet is an aristocrat's weapon. Elledjet duelling is more technical and more intimiate than djet fighting, but that same intimacy can make it a liability on an open battlefield; it should be noted that no auto-armor unit has chosen the elledjet over the djet as a melee weapon while actually wearing the armor, relegating the smaller weapon to personal defense use only. The elledjet also lacks much of the cultural prestige of the djet or jester's flail, as the latter two weapons make appearances in much of the civic symbolism of the Voxelian state. Still, the elledjet does have a place in personal defense and (now illegal) honor duel contexts, meaning that its use is more likely to be familiar to civilians than a djet is.
Voxelian Standard by BCGR_Wurth
Elledjet by BCGR_Wurth
A stylized elledjet as it appears on the seal of the Grand Army of Voxelia. Not to proportion/scale.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Elledjets are surprisingly common in the modern era. Djet Kazh practitioners, of both the practical and performance varieites, still practice the use of the elledjet in all its various fighting styles. Shorter elledjets are even sometimes carried on Voxelian streets as self-defense weapons, though there is ongoing debate with regards to whether it is safer to keep one's elledjets out in the open or concealed.
Up to 2 lbs
up to 2ft long
Base Price
500 NGC

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