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Auto-stilts (also known as powered jumping stilts) are a type of dieseltech footwear that provide various mobility-based benefits to the user.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

In its most basic form, a pair of auto-stilts is a pair of braced boots, with each boot having a large leaf spring attached along the back of the ankle. The user stands on the the padded tips of the springs, both raising the user above the ground and providing a simple mechanical boost to the user's jumping ability. Unlike basic jumping stilts, however, the an auto-stilt's spring is mounted to the boot via a small gas piston which, through appropriately timed fuel combustion, greatly amplifies the boosting effect. A standard pair of auto-stilts provides bonuses only to jump height and length, but, via the application of programmable mechanisms, additional modules allow the user to increase their running speed or (with a concomitant risk of falling injury) make preternaturally long leaps.


While originally designed for military use - eventually achieving a highly refined state as components of dieseltech auto-armor suits - auto-stilts enjoy great popularity as civilian sporting equipment. In tightly-confined urban areas, auto-stilts are almost as popular as bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles as substitutes for full-width automobiles. In Rostran territories, auto-stilts are also known as "Ovinex legs" because the leaf springs give the wearer the appearance of an ungulate (like the Ovinex themselves). Similarly, Vale Verdials sometimes refer to auto-stilts as "faun leapers." Occasionally, bilateral amputees (such as Johannes Oulfand) will opt to have pairs of auto-stilts manufactured as prostheses.
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