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Livara Satin

Captain Livara Anne Satin (a.k.a. Queen Bee)

Livara Satin is the leader of the Hive City Royals, a mercenary crew operating out of the Voxelian settlement of the same name. Beautiful and intelligent - with a haughtiness to match - Livara is a handful both on and off the battlefield.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Livara is built for long-distance running, relying on her custom-tuned PM "Paladin" Main Battle Auto-Armor to boost her strength when combat arises.   While she is considered conventionally beautiful by many residents of Hive City, Livara has sacrificed some of that beauty in the name of her intellect. Long nights of research and the rigors of the dieseltech workshop environment has left her with behavioral insomnia, which manifests in perpetually tired eyes and loosened grooming standards. The harsh chemicals which have seeped past her work gloves over the years have left her hands chapped and dehydrated.

Identifying Characteristics

Livara has a scar on her left cheekbone, which she usually keeps conceals with makeup, from an old accident in the Royals' garage. She has a scar on the web of her left thumb where the Royals' resident doctor repaired a blemish - possibly a melanoma - caused by her exposure to shop chemicals.   While Livara works and fights as though her right hand is her dominant hand, this is an affectation designed to make opponents misjudge her. She is actually fully ambidexterous, a fact only a scant few know outside of her lieutennants.

Specialized Equipment

Cpt. Satin pilots a heavily-customized suit of PM "Paladin" Main Battle Auto-Armor dubbed the Queen Bee. This suit is equipped with a MH-2 "Monarch" Mellification Cannon, a unique oversized rapier capable of automatically exuding her own special coctail of paralytic venom, and a resin-based reactive armor system purchased from a subsidiary of the Ghostleaf Foundation via a backroom deal involving MartMart International.   The Queen Bee, like most other suits in the Royals' repertoire, is accented in red and gold. The nose art features a feminized cartoon honey bee wielding a djet kazh and elledjet. The Hive City Royals rely on their notoriety and force of presence to deter attacks on their employers as much as their powerful and disfiguring mellification cannons; for the flashy Queen Bee and her swarm, stealth is not an option.

Mental characteristics


Livara has a weakness for men who aren't cowed by her brash, arrogant personality. A combination of this and alcohol caused her to get together with a Rostran man while between assignments in Intercostia - a man who turned out to be Arxid Sagan, an agitator against the War of Reunification and ostensibly her enemy. To this day, the two are awkward around eachother, expressing professional distaste for one another in public while harboring a secret attraction in private.


Livara Satin graduated from the Voxelia Academy of Sciences in 9990 with a degree in dieseltech engineering. She went on to double the accomplishment in 9992 with a degree in material science. Having always had a love for chemistry, Livara had originally expected to become a food scientist for the local apiary industry before she realized that dieseltech engineering had better earning potential.


Livara spent a brief stint in the Grand Army of Voxelia, seeing limited action on the Medial B front of the War of Reunification as a mechanic for the GAV 1st Auto-Armor division. She served from late 9992 AR and was honorably discharged in late 9995 AR. After numerous failed attempts to find employment with Silkenvault Combat Solutions, Ltd., Livara turned to the local armored mercenary crew in her home town of Hive City, offering her services as a mechanic. Once hired, it was quickly discovered by the crew that Livara was more diligent, more intelligent, and a better contract negotiator than the crew's then-captain, leading to her meteoric rise through the ranks. As of 9998, Livara became the captain of the crew and rebranded it as the ever-flamboyant Hive City Royals, a position which she holds to this day.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Livara's proudest day came when her crew was first hired as auxiliaries to a Master Harlequin's security detail during that politician's tour of the outer Blue Silk River environs. While it was not expected that the Royals would see enemy action, as the river is in the well-protected Voxelian heartlands of Medial A1, the incident demonstrated that the Royals had earned the Council of Liars' trust - and, hopefully, more juicy government contracts to follow. Being associated with the Council of Liars automatically raised the Hive City Royals' prestige and notoriety within the Human Arc.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Livara is brilliant, confident, attractive, and has a flair for dramatic entrances. She possesses an acute understanding of the logistical and technological requirements of a given action, allowing her to outplan tacticians without such acumen. Unlike many armored unit commanders operating in the Human Arc, Livara lives for technical work and knows exactly how far her equipment can be pushed.   Though she is motivated by prestige, she isn't motivated by greed. Livara puts the needs of her crew over her own comfort, even when jobs are scarce and money grows tight. Her 'tough love' leadership style belies a genuine concern for her crew, and her loyalty engenders loyalty in kind from her subordinates.

Vices & Personality flaws

Livara's skill at negotiation derives from her greatest flaw: she projects an air of being the best person for a job because she actually believes she is superior to most other human beings. Livara believes that she is the smartest and most competent person in the room, deserving of only respect and admiration. She is generally only open to other interpretations of a situation from 'experts' in their field (i.e. her lieutenants in matters of combat), often acting with condescension towards anyone else.   While this overwrought sense of self-worth has brought many valuable service contracts to the Hive City Royals, it has left her lonely in her personal life, as many prospective friends and romantic partners are repelled by her apparent egotism. When Livara is encountered in her workshop late at night, a whiff of Colonade and Bee's Lantern on her breath, her crew knows she's going through another heartbreak and that its best to leave her be. Experience is gradually softening her attitude, making these flaws less serious over time, as she increasingly finds herself in situations where neither her intellect nor her auto-armored fist can set things to right.


Religious Views

Livara is a regular attendee of services at the local branch of the Church of the Unexpected. Her personal faith leads Livara to lean towards the cult of Aquardion more than those of the other Gods of Irony.


Livara Satin

Old Flame

Towards Arxid Sagan


Arxid Sagan

Old Flame

Towards Livara Satin



One summer night in 9997, Livara Satin and Arxid Sagan were both at a bar in Intercostia and wound up meeting each-other amidst the haze of alcohol intoxication. Struck by one another's wits, the pair had a brief romantic involvement before Livara discovered who Arxid was and what he did for a living, leading the two to split on awkward terms.

Relationship Reasoning

While Arxid and Livara belong to political ideologies which would usually put them at cross-purposes to one another, the pair are on a similar intellectual level, share a history of military discipline, and can commiserate over the trials of being in leadership roles. The situation is more awkward for Arxid, since, though he distrusts Voxelia as a whole, High Rostran culture regards a "secret romance" like the kind he and Livara once shared to be the most intense romance of all; Rostran couples are considered informally engaged when their relationship becomes a matter of common public knowledge.

Shared Secrets

To the current day, Livara insists that she only found Arxid attractive because her inhibitions were decreased that night, while Arxid insists that he would never have been interested in someone who was so patriotic to the Voxelian cause. Nevertheless, despite their vigorous protestations the the contrary, observers from Parasol Private Holdings and the Hive City Royals note that the two argue like an old married couple whenever thrust together by professional obligations.

Wealth & Financial state

Livara has acquired the lease for the Hive City Royals' home base over the course of her career with them. She draws extra shares as the leader of the mercenary crew, but she uses these pay for operational overhead.

Hive City Royals Insignia by BCGR_Wurth
True Neutral
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Livara is the Captain of the Hive City Royals. She has chosen "Queen Bee" as her callsign, both because it fits the theme of her crew and because it helps her affect an air of nobility - with other, lesser crews being as peasants before her own.

Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
9970 30 Years old
Hive City, Voxelia
Light brown
Brunette, shoulder length, usually tied up when operating auto-armor
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light, flushed
125 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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