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Aquardion, Goddess of Situational Irony

(a.k.a. Lady of Surprises)

Aquardion is the goddess of situational irony in the House of the Unexpected pantheon. She is the matron of lawgivers and lawbreakers, with her portfolio also involving fertility, birth, and death (as these are frequently unexpected in nature). Gentleman thieves, shrewd legal negotiators, and event planners are just a few of the diverse individuals who might follow the Lady of Surprises' widespread cult.

Divine Domains

Good, Luck, Death; Family, Balance

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The holy symbol of Aquardion is a cracked rock with a windswept tree or clump of wheat growing up from within the crack (as though the flimsy plant were splitting the hard stone).

Tenets of Faith

In her role as the matron of both lawgivers and lawbreakers, Aquardion encourages her followers to both understand the law of the lands in which they reside and to find loopholes in aforementioned laws that can be used to surprising effect. The cult of the Goddess of Situational Irony delights in both mistake-of-fact, mistake-of-law, and any any case where the letter and spirit of the law must be reconciled with one another.   Aquardion teaches her followers to embrace serendipity and be grateful for both stability in life and the pleasant little surprises that give life spice. Ingratitude is considered a grievous sin within the cult of Aquardion, as is being unable to control oneself in the face of the unexpected. Despite her dominion over birth and death, Aquardion abhors killing without appropriate reason; the end may be unexpected, but it should not be unnecessarily hastened.


Birthdays are considered sacred to Aquardion, for the exact time and day of one's birth are frequently unexpected. Chapels dedicated to the Goddess of Situational Irony maintain small charity funds to provide simple birthday celebrations for the impoverished or orphaned, with the spring equinox reserved as the Universal Birthday for those whose circumstances of birth remain unknown. In a similar vein, the cult of Aquardion also provides regular funerary services for those whose unexpected deaths denied them final closure, with the autumnal equinox reserved for a celebration for all unidentified deceased individuals and those whose bodies were never recovered.
Divine Classification
Neutral Good

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