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Colonade is a premium Voxelian soft drink produced by the Court of Blueberry. The drink is touted as "Fresh, smooth, and not too sweet - a refreshingly carbonated beverage enlivened with the natural flavors of blueberries and cream." Colonade is only sold in 24 bottle cases.


Colonade is most popular in dieseltech nerd circles, where the flavors of the drink are said to pair nicely with gin when working long hours on a project. Colonade is named after an architectural element found in the old Unexpector temple at Ch√Ęteau Blueberry; rumors of the name arising from an unlisted ingredient, namely pig intestines, are merely bigoted falsehoods spread by Craterhold-based competitors. Each bottle is shaped like a squat marble column and is made of white frosted glass to emphasize the beverage's namesake.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Related ethnicities
While Colonade is expensive, being marketed as a premium soft drink for discerning individuals, cases of the beverage are widely available through MartMart convenience stores.
Base Price
200 NGC/case

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