Bee's Lantern

Bee's Lantern is an extremely high-proof distilled spirit derived primarily from Hive City honey. Beloved by ordinance men, field medics, anarchists, and alcoholics alike, Bee's Lantern is known for its stickiness, surprising sweetness, and tendency to burst into flames at (in)opportune times.


Bee's Lantern premiered at the Ambergrain Brewery Fair of the year 9900 AR. A handle of Bee's Lantern is known colloquially as a 'party-in-a-bottle,' as this amount is enough to keep one person drunk for a long time or multiple people drunk for a day or two. Ironically for such a strong spirit, the drink is the bane of binge drinkers everywhere, for its sweet stickiness presages crushing hangovers if the drink isn't chased with plenty of fresh water.   Being sticky and combustible, Bee's Lantern has also gained infamy as a favorite among those looking to start fires and cause mayhem. During the 125-Hands-inspired Craterhold (municipality) race riots of 9975 AR, portions of Bee's Lantern were deadly (if expensive) firebombs in the hands of Elovisian rioters seeking vengeance with a hint of irony against their New Voxelian neighbors. In the hands of competent bomb-makers, the substance can be turned into effective explosives and incendiary devices, though the creation of the latter type of device by uniformed combattants would per se run afoul of the Medial B Accords. Indeed, the destruction wrought by arson during the riots of '75 was a crucial impetus for the signing of the Second Treaty of Vivaldi Peak, cementing the beverage's place in the history of the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies.   In contrast, Bee's Lantern has become a prized staple on the battlefields of the War of Reunification, as the beverage's proof makes it an effective analgesic and antiseptic in equal measure. Having a shot of Bee's Lantern poured on a wound is intensely painful, but it's better to suffer that pain that suffer an infection later.   Of all the Bee's Lantern produced in a year, around 1% must be disposed of because it's too strong to drink. Such batches are distilled down further to produce chemical reagents.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Bee's Lantern is most common in Voxelian territory, but the drink has been gaining popularity abroad through the export market. MartMart International sells half and full handles of the drink at locations throughout the Manifold.
5.5 lbs
Base Price
200 NGC/60 oz handle (~40 shots)

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