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Crude Oil

Crude oil is a natural petroleum byproduct of organic decay process deep in the regions between adjacent cube layers in the same tesseract, where extreme heat and pressure break down ancient vegetable matter into slick, combustible hydrocarbons.

History & Usage

Everyday use

In the Manifold Sky setting, biodiesel has almost entirely supplanted naturally-occuring petroleum as a fuel source. This is because, with the limited volume of the world in which it can be produced and constantly increasing demand as a result of the develoment of dieseltech devices, crude oil is quite rare. Furthermore, fuel biosynthesis from vegetable and food waste stocks is more economical and is essentially a renewable resource in the context of the modern Manifold.   As a result of these factors, crude oil and its byproducts are much more commonly used to produce lubricants, polymers, and fertilizers. Efforts are underway to supplant even these uses with synthetic alternatives, however, as the rare crude oil reserves tend to become geopolitical flashpoints when discovered. For example, in the off chance that the War of Reunification ends with a victory of the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies, dieseltech magnates in Craterhold and the Free Faces League hope to extract concessions from their defeated Voxelian opponents in the form of some spare crude.


Crude oil is in the Manifold Sky setting is typically refined through a combination of fractional distillation and admixture with niche-appropriate chemical reagents. Refining facilities tend to be isolated due to the pollution they produce and fortified due to their being a prized target for military adversaries; many are located in underground bunkers aside extraction sites and agri-mines to simplify logistics.



Crude oil and its byproducts are typically stored in large tanks and barrels in underground storehouses safe from aerial bombardment and errant sparks. These facilities feature significant fire supression and gas detection systems, often managed from remote locations by autonets.

Law & Regulation

As strategic resources, export controls are frequently imposed on crude oil and its various byproducts. Import duties are typically waived, however, as goverments tend to want to get as much petroleum as possible to support heavy industry.

Black to dark brown
Common State
Liquid, often in or near natural gas pockets
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