BX-9 "Smokestack" Automatic Scattergun

The BX-9 Automatic Scattergun is a belt-fed, fully-automatic shotgun produced by the League Dieseltech Armory.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Smokestack is typically operated either by a three-man crew or a single auto-armor pilot. the weapon features a small bastion shield to protect the gunner from anti-personnel fire and a rail for mounting ballistic optics. Operators affectionately refer to the BX-9 as the "Smokestack" for it's tendency to jettison large clouds of concealing smoke from it's lateral exhaust vents with sustained fire.


The Smokestack is a popular weapon for use by NavGuard, New Cobalt Protectorate members, and other groups of people expecting to fight aboard airships or skystations. This prefference arose because the weapon, when fed with birdshot rounds, is fully capable of mauling living targets while leaving hulls and machinery intact. Other ammunition types, including slug and buckshot rounds, are also available for specialized purposes.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Subtype / Model
50 lbs
Base Price
2000 NGC

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