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Parasol Private Holdings

Parasol Private Holdings is a hazardous-condition salvage reclamation company. It is a loosely-held secret that PPH also does some private military contractor work, with signals intelligence, political/psychological warfare, and covert ops services, though the company exercises careful moral considerations when considering any given contract. As adventurers, businessmen, and fighters for what they believe is right, the members of Parasol Private Holdings are free agents with wide-reaching connections to current events in the Manifold.


The PPH Canopy is a reconfigured Mark I 4GW "Dewstar" Liquid Freighter Aerostat used by Parasol Private Holdings to conduct both it's public and private business actions. All crew members are primary stock holders in the company, with Arxid being the Canopy's original owner.


Zekiel Kade and Bixby "Bix" Hickory started Parasol Private Holdings as an unnamed salvage partnership in League-held Medial B in 9995. One of Zeekay's friends, who owned a parasol and awning store at the time, agreed to help conceal Zeekay's acquisition of rare Voxelian military tech in exchange for buying out that friend's stake in the store; this business transaction lent the partnership its "Parasol" moniker. Later, when Arxid Sagan and A'adekpf "Iodex" Sagan joined the team, they brought the Canopy and several former contractors to flesh out PPH into its current size.

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