Sisi Alveu

Sisi Munei Alveu (a.k.a. CC)

Sisi "CC" Alveu is a navigator with the Navigator's Guild. Alongside her NavGuard retainer,Josef Elvezhe, Sisi is engaged in a long-term navigation contract with Parasol Private Holdings.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sisi Alveu was born to a upper-middle class High Rostran couple in Eudoxia in the year 9974 AR. She attended Guild training courses immediately after secondary school, eventually attaining certification as a Navigator in 9996 AR.   Guiding the PPH Canopy (then in the possession of Parasol Private Holdings) past Avarix Corps into Coalition airspace was one of her first contracts. The contract proved lucrative enough that, when they offered another, she readily accepted. Over the course of several more contracts, Sisi came to love the crew of the Canopy and, ever since, has only taken contracts from Parasol Private Holdings.


Sisi Alveu is asexual as far as anyone who knows her is concerned, though deep down she simply embodies the storied high rostran tradition of keeping her love a 'tantalizing secret.' She conceals her feelings towards others beneath a facade of officiousness. She rebuffs Iodex's romantic overtures not out of a dislike for him as a person but because certain cultural taboos serve to prevent Rostran-Ovinex attractions; if he were a Rostran, the situation might be different.



Sisi Alveu's personality was once described by Zekiel Kade as "snarky," "sarcastic," and that of a "ball-buster." These assessments annoyed her only a little before she was forced to admit that they were true. While it isn't the place of a Navigator to challenge her clients on matters other than the feasibility of routes and the timely payment of Guild dues, Alveu sometimes feels that the metaphorical walls are closing in on the crew when they routinely interfere the ambitions of major criminal and geopolitical actors. This concern manifests as a critical response to some courses set, as, though she is professionally required to evince neutrality, she really does care for the safety of 'her' men - even Iodex, awkward as he is around her.


Ms. Alveu comes across as a serious, business-like person who just wants to get her job done. She puts on an air of exasperation when the Parasol Private Holding boys inevitably extend their Guild contract in pursuit of their next job. That said, it's also clear from her mannerism that, no matter how hard she tries to hide it, she's grown too fond of the crew to ever turn them down should they need her services.


Sisi Alveu

Acquaintance (Trivial)

Towards A'adekpf "Iodex" Sagan



A'adekpf "Iodex" Sagan

Admirer (Important)

Towards Sisi Alveu



Relationship Reasoning

Although Iodex has never seen CC in the flesh, as a plank-holder in Parasol Private Holdings, Iodex has heard CC's voice many times. For some reason, Iodex assumes that CC is a Baxbr Civil Ovinex and has a crush on her. CC, for her part, is essentially asexual at work and doesn't acknowledge Iodex's respectful-yet-clumsy advances whenever they are caught in conversation alone together. For her part, CC does not realize that appearing before the party in her own auto-armor only makes it more difficult for Iodex to distinguish her as a Rostran (and therefore not a socially acceptable partner for him).

Josef Elvezhe

NavGuard (Vital)

Towards Sisi Alveu



Sisi Alveu

Navigator (Vital)

Towards Josef Elvezhe



Lawful Neutral
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Year of Birth
9974 26 Years old
Light Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Tan
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Sisi Alveu knows Iuxat and Guild Pidgin fluently and has a basic working knowledge of Eliov and Vozendi.   Alveu knows how to use the Programming Gasket Grille Cypher with her Guild contract cards. She occasionally communicates her wereabouts to the Guild via cypher as a way of coordinating broader anti-piracy efforts on the part of the Guild. Unfortunately, this practice has also opened the crew of the Canopy to observation by Bards-Recursant embedded within the Guild; at some point in the near future, the Bards might make an attempt on Arxid Sagan's life using this information in an attempt to silence his anti-Voxelian propaganda.

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