Vozendi, also known simply as Voxelian, is the language of the New Voxelian (ethnic group) people. It is a synthetic language, arising from numerous Old Voxelian tribal languages which were merged in the times leading up to the founding of the Voxelian Empire. Described as 'velvety' by foreign listeners, Vozendi incorporates many voiced fricatives, sibilants, and glides, with the 'v' consonant being especially prominent.   While it is largely vestigial - as modern Voxelians speak their minds freely - Vozendi features an agglutinative system of honorifics which results in longer terms for persons and places more honored than the speaker themselves. This system of honorifics occasionally still sees use as an indication of respect for the listener or as a method of expressing that one is in polite company - with an accompanying increase in speaking speed, as modified words can become quite lengthy.
Voxelian Standard by BCGR_Wurth
Root Languages

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