Voxelian Idealist Movement

Voxelian Standard by BCGR_Wurth
The Voxelian Idealist Movement (or 'Voxelian Idealism') is a creative movement developed by New Voxelian artists and performers to showcase the best aspects of the human species - especially as realized in classically Voxelian forms of expression.  


Voxelian Idealism in the modern era has a notably political dimension to it. The Council of Liars, the governing body of the nation of Voxelia, is directly descended from the Old Voxelian court jesters who entertained (and later assassinated) the old Voxelian Emperor and his vassal kings. By calling back to this period of great transitions, Voxelian Idealism glorifies the subversive and revolutionary spirit of those times. The counter-culture shades of Voxelian Idealism makes it simultaneously pallatable to the Elovisian diaspora - who were also dissidents against the emperor at the time - and an excellent way of promulgating the superiority of Voxelian ideals.   All of these elements, in turn, make the movement a prime vehicle for pro-Voxelian wartime propaganda as well, with its outputs often being broadcasted over RadNet and pirate stations to weaken the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies' resolve in the War of Reunification.  


While the movement is a relatively modern invention, the Voxelian Idealist Movement draws heavily from Old- and intermediate Voxelian forms stretching all the way back to the Old Voxelian Conquest. These elements are seen as representing the progress of the uniquely human spirit over the last several millenia - from a smattering of scattered tribes trying merely to survive in a post-Curved Time universe to a (relatively) clear-cut set of technologically- and culturally-advanced civilizations which dominate the Medial Tesseract.   Elements of subversion, counter-culture, and intentional provocation are encouraged, despite the nationalistic overtones of the movement itself, because these hidden messages dovetail in an aesthetically relevant way with the history of Voxelia as it leaves the Imperial era in the past. Dynamism, subtlety, and liberty are common themes of Voxelian Idealist work. A Voxelian Idealist hero in the literary or performing arts is someone who works to make himself and others free from some form of servitude or bondage through foresight, charisma, knowledge, and force of wit.
by BCGR_Wurth
Such a hero is usually a man who rises from humiliating circumstances or whom somehow learns to claim what is his by right, though there are also many tales of women who leverage their superior social acumen to lay their own personal tyrants low.   Voxelian Idealist visual arts are often highly realistic in composition, with technical skill reigning supreme, though the actual subject of such images may be somewhat surreal or depict strictly religious concepts at times. Like the Council of Liars, the movement is somewhat invested in the promulgation of Unexpector virtues and mythology over other religious movements - though, in keeping with the theme of subtle subversion which runs throughout the movement, small nods to blasphemous or heretical ideas (such as the Way of the Biocosm) may be sprinkled in for 'spice.'   Voxelian Idealist architecture is often rectilinear or hexagonal in plan and makes heavy use of columns, arcades, and high vaults to create the illusion of vast, epic interiors even in the middle of a dense cityscape. Darkly-colored fabric - especially red and gold silks - are frequently employed as carpets, drapes, and hanging ceiling decorations to lend warmth. Intricately detailed frescoes displaying famous historical events or organic forms are common, especially on civic buildings. Indeed, the little-understood Silkenvault Cipher is a byproduct of the Voxelian Idealist Movement. Four- and six-fold symmetries, important to the Unexpector faith, are also common, especially in tile or mosaic elements.

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A very good article - While reading it, I believed in the existence of that movement. Brilliant. I am going to save it - I need some inspiration to write my own 'Englightnment Movement' article. :D