A'adekpf "Iodex" Sagan

A'adekpf Sagan (a.k.a. Iodex)

A'adekpf Sagan, known as "Iodex" to most other humanoids, is an Ovinex retainer of the Sagan family assigned specifically to act as a bodyguard for Arxid Sagan. A powerful warrior once described by his friend, Bixby "Bix" Hickory, as a "armored vehicle with hooves," Iodex is known equally for his deadly-serious veneer and unexpected deadpan humor.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Iodex is massively built for an Ovinex, with a very thick bone structure and powerful muscles trained from constant auto-armor use.

Identifying Characteristics

The top of Iodex's muzzle is crisscrossed with scars from flying debris, as being in Arxid's employ has carried the Ovinex warrior into trouble on numerous occasions.

Physical quirks

Iodex typically takes a wide stance when standing still, as though always ready to lunge sideways or intercept a heavy blow.

Specialized Equipment

Iodex is very rarely seen outside of his auto-armor , even when not appropriate for the social situation or when the fuel runs out. If forced to leave the auto-armor, he keeps the inner pneumatic lining on to preserve the sense that he is wearing the full suit. Arxid has provided Iodex with a custom-tailored tuxedo for use when the party must make a social appearance, with extra-roomy sleeves and gussets provided for the bulky pneumatic suit beneath.

Mental characteristics

Failures & Embarrassments

While Iodex lacks the words to describe it and would be embarrassed to admit to it, he is, deep down, a bit of a fashionista. Iodex's auto-armor is always kept immaculately maintained, and he regularly works Native Ovinex decorative motifs into each application of camouflage paints.

Mental Trauma

As a young lamb, the Sagan family would always say that Iodex was "born of vengeance" in remembrance of the harrowing circumstances of his birth. Having no mother and being surrounded constantly by the influence of the other Ovinex bodyguards in his home town, Iodex has always carried a tiny "coal" of rage in his heart that he claims "keeps him warm at night."

Intellectual Characteristics

Iodex, while highly spiritual and dedicated to his profession, is not very intelligent. For example, when Bix once referred to him as an "armored vehicle with hooves" - referring to his incredible physical might - Iodex mistook the idiom for a statement of fact. Iodex now personally identifies with his own suit of auto-armor (i.e. when asked his true wool color, he responds that he is "gray," but "with a hard finish").

Morality & Philosophy

Iodex firmly believes that the role of a bodyguard is to be as exacting as possible when it comes to use of force. His mother was collateral damage in an Avarix Corps raid; therefore, he reasons, to harm someone who isn't "asking for it" is blasphemy against the flock , and one should seek to preserve the lives of bystanders at all costs. Iodex reveres strength and fortitude as though those ideals were literally spiritual entities, and seeks to embody them whenever possible.


Iodex refuses to be seen outside of his dieseltech auto-armor unless it is too damaged to use, as he perceives it to be his "true skin."

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

Iodex is constantly at war with his emotions surrounding the death of his mother. At all times, the rage he feels towards those who would take advantage of others threatens to boil out and overwhelm any discipline he might be holding onto. Ironically for the organization (and client) he serves, this makes Iodex terrible at social finesse, since he sees the world in stark moral terms and yearns to get bloody retribution rather than wasting time trading honeyed words with shady individuals. Furthermore, Iodex's presence is unsettling for those not accustomed to him, as the burly Ovinex is said to radiate an aura of danger by those who haven't known his gentler, more protective side.


A'adekpf "Iodex" Sagan

Retainer (Vital)

Towards Arxid Sagan



Arxid Sagan

Member of client family (Vital)

Towards A'adekpf "Iodex" Sagan




A'adekpf has "belonged" to the Sagan family since they were a house of tradesman in the Rostral Tesseract, producing small mechanisms for use around the island. The "Iodex" nickname (meaning "Protector") was an honorific given to A'adekpf by his Rostran retainers, as this name was easier for the Rostran tongue to pronounce. Over time, Young Arxid and young Iodex came to regard one another more as adoptive family than employer and employee. When Arxid moved to the Free Faces Guild to help them in their war for freedom, A'adekpf followed his client.

Zekiel Kade


Towards A'adekpf "Iodex" Sagan


A'adekpf "Iodex" Sagan


Towards Zekiel Kade


Sisi Alveu

Acquaintance (Trivial)

Towards A'adekpf "Iodex" Sagan



A'adekpf "Iodex" Sagan

Admirer (Important)

Towards Sisi Alveu



Relationship Reasoning

Although Iodex has never seen CC in the flesh, as a plank-holder in Parasol Private Holdings, Iodex has heard CC's voice many times. For some reason, Iodex assumes that CC is a Baxbr Civil Ovinex and has a crush on her. CC, for her part, is essentially asexual at work and doesn't acknowledge Iodex's respectful-yet-clumsy advances whenever they are caught in conversation alone together. For her part, CC does not realize that appearing before the party in her own auto-armor only makes it more difficult for Iodex to distinguish her as a Rostran (and therefore not a socially acceptable partner for him).

Lawful Neutral
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Year of Birth
9971 29 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Iodex's mother, also a retainer in the service of the Sagan family, was mortally wounded when the family Dewstar freighter was raided by the Avarix Corps, giving birth just before expiring from her injuries.
Current Residence
Golden (Ovine iris)
Gray wool with white accents; large ram's horns
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pitch black
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Point-nose from the steam-time had it right. Goggles are under-rated as clothing. Oh?" *Taps auto-armor helmet* "You didn't know I had them on under my horns?"
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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