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PPH Canopy

The PPH Canopy (formerly the RACV Canopy) is a modified 4GW "Dewstar" Liquid Freighter Aerostat which serves as the base of operations for Parasol Private Holdings.

Power Generation

Because the Canopy contains a workshop and power-hungry radio equipment, the engines are rigged up with oversized stators, power conditioners, and a battery bank to supply the necessary power for PPH operations.

Weapons & Armament

A group of six retractable ball turrets - four mounted radially, one at the foremost point, and one at the aftmost point - armed with crew-served, scaled-up grease guns provide decent anti-air coverage (if not saturation potential). The vessel is also capable of carrying large bombs in its solid cargo compartments, though this is seldom done. Like most Dewstars, however, the Canopy relies on its two dependent aircraft for defense beyond this.   Most of the Canopy's crew are military veterans of some description or another. Bixby "Bix" Hickory and A'adekpf "Iodex" Sagan - both veteran auto-armor operators - provide internal security for the Canopy. Zekiel Kade has considered using the vessel's communications array to control a fleet of miniaturized drone aircraft; the equipment to do so would be expensive and require specialized training, putting this idea on hold until a proper drone operator can be found.

Armor and defense

The Canopy features an increased degree of critical systems redundancy, including more subdivisions within its lifting gas envelopes and narrow accessways to permit in-flight patching. The envelope skin has also been reinforced with a thin sacred Eudoxium foil layer to help ablate small arms fire.

Communication Tools & Systems

The axial support structure of the Canopy is rigged with large broadcast and recieving antenna. These once allowed Arxid Sagan and his crew to blast pirate radio signals across a whole cube - and even into an adjacent ones with proper positioning within the inflection layer - while listening in for encrypted Voxelian communiques. While not normally used as such, this antenna can also generate multi-frequency static to effectively jam all communications within several miles of the Canopy.

Hangars & docked vessels

In addition to the usual trapeezes and births for two aircraft that all Dewstars possess, the Canopy's workshop module allows the airship to maintain auto-armor which can be deployed in the manner of airborne support troops if necessary. The vessel carries several large cargo parachutes to facilitate this deployment as well as the remote delivery of supplies and raw materials to clients in remote locales.
Parasol Private Holdings Emblem by BCGR_Wurth
A shield for rainy days
Owning Organization
250 ft
1,000 ft
50 mph
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
10 passengers, 15 tons of scrap cargo, 10 tons of modular equipment (workshop, infirmary, etc.)

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