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Otoi Security Enterprises, CCH

Otoi Security Enterprises (OSE), CCH, is a private military contractor based out of the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy. Primarily Rostran and Civil Ovinex in composition, OSE prides itself on its professionalism and primarily accepts contracts relating to personal and site security.

Public Agenda

OSE trades on its reputation for professionalism. Personnel training for Otoi men is rigorous and involves indoctrination designed to ensure that each agent will pursue the completion of their assigned contract over any promise of bribery or threats to life and limb. OSE contracts include clauses that prevent any questions as to the nature of a prospective client's motives or goals after a contract has been signed. It is up to the contract negotiator to ensure that a given contract does not place OSE agents at cross-purposes with other members or the law (but see Foreign Relations), and it is up to each contractor to decide on an individual level whether or not to accept a contract (as this generally cannot be revoked once decided). Otoi Security Enterprises takes client confidentiality very seriously. For all these reasons, legitimate businesspeople and shady characters alike give the organization a great deal of respect - a rare feat in an increasingly polarized Manifold Sky.


Otoi Security Enterprises is best known for its infantry forces. Company airships are geared primarily towards troop transport and deployment of drop pods, as the bulk of the organization's forces consist of infantry and the rare suit of MF-A2 "Kirie" Traversal Auto Armor or Type O "Araloi" Digitigrade Auto-Armor. Like NavGuard suits, an Otoi Kirie or Araloi is typically equipped with a BX-9 "Smokestack" Automatic Scattergun for area denial and a passenger saddle for extracting VIPs from dangerous situations. OSE is currently in talks with the RACMF to acquire second-hand "Ixulova Tun" Amphibious Assault Auto-Armor to be modified for heavy defense roles.

Foreign Relations

OSE's most frequent customers are Hermitage Island Fellowship and Leather Jacket Nomads communities too small, isolated, or itinerant to reasonably provide for an indigenous defense force. The Nomads are known to take out limited OSE contracts to protect important resources or waystations while more permanent accomodations are constructed. MartMart International sometimes employs the services of OSE when trading in Rostran-aligned territories at the edges of the war-torn Human Arc. OSE forces most frequently find combat in the form of Avarix Corps raiders, but other mercenary crews and assorted criminal opportunists are also common opponents.   Ultimately, OSE's moral scruples lie only in the continued custom of long-term customers and the public perception of professionalism the organization projects; legalities become loopholes to be exploited with the appropriate pay and persuasion on the part of prospective clients. This occasionally puts OSE agents at odds with more principaled mercenary crews, such as Parasol Private Holdings and the Warrenside Rangers.  

Military, Mercenary Group
Training Level
Veterancy Level
OSE accepts payment in Rostran Sea Ducats or, should the operational theater potentially extend beyond the The Rostran Arc or require Navigator's Guild services, in Navigator's Guild Credits.

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