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Sigmund Bouchard

Sigmund Enzo Bouchard

Sigmund Enzo Bouchard is an otherwise unassuming human man who harbors a dark secret: he is actually the vigilante known as the Duke of Drones.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Bouchard is not much of a specimen, with a lean, sickly appearance that has proven resistant to the effects of exercise or sun exposure, a partial product of his mixed Groundling and Caudal-Medial Elovisian heritage. Matters are complicated by his indoor job as a dieseltech computer operator, where he seldom gets to spend the daylight hours outside.

Physical quirks

Bouchard slouches a little in public - especially after a long work day - but this is less a matter of his physical state than an affectation of his 'mundane alter ego.' Bouchard is well-aware that posture is an important aspect of a person's image as presented to others.

Apparel & Accessories

Both when working and when engaged in vigilante work, Bouchard dresses in what is best described as a 'scuffed business casual' fashion. His attire often includes dark brown trousers, a vest over his white dress shirt, and a pair of loafers = as is the fasion among white-collar men in the Commonwealth - but the clothes are seldom well-ironed and the shoes are seldom well-polished. He wears a trenchcoat in all seasons but summer; this helps him conceal things like ring0s, small batteries for the remote-control devices he secrets away in his environment, or bits of evidence which he can use to track down the Duke of Drones' next target.

Mental characteristics


After graduating from the Commonwealth Technical Institute, Sigmund Bouchard spent a few years in military service, working on Coalition Defense Forces projects in the Data Engines Limited research bunkers beneath Register. The punishing work schedule, lack of viable relationship prospects, and cloying surveillance state drove him to move back to Vivaldi Peak at the completion of his four year term of service. The departure of popular Terraceball player Felix Tanis from the Register Cam Dogs due to complaints of perfectionism and severe overwork - part of the prelude to the IPTL doping scandal of 9997 AR - encapsulated Bouchard's own feelings and served to harden his own resolve to leave the town before work conditions became even more unbearable for him.   Once in Vivaldi Peak, Bouchard leveraged his knowledge of dieseltech to gain a position as a staffer at the Commonwealth Parliament, operating dieseltech computer stations for the Commonwealth Office of Diplomacy. Now with a degree of seniority, Bouchard is able to travel with diplomats in the commission of his work and to manage senstive information as it passes into the Commonwealth's data archives - both useful traits in the commission of his second profession: covert vigilantism.


Sigmund Bouchard

Mundane Alter Ego

Towards Duke of Drones


Duke of Drones

Vigilante Alter Ego

Towards Sigmund Bouchard


Relationship Reasoning

On many levels, the Duke of Drones represents everything that Sigmund cannot have for himself - both out of personal traits and out of a desire to keep himself away from suspicion. The Duke is suave, wealthy, mysterious, and has a wicked charisma to him; Sigmund is weasly, scrawny, and laughed at by most women. Even so, Sigmund keeps his head held high, as being The Duke of Drones allows him to fight injustice while displaying the one trait both the fictitious and real man share: an incredible talent with dieseltech computers and devices, especially those with radio control.

Legal Status

Not Suspected

Wealth & Financial state

Bouchard lives in a small warehouse space near a skyport, a piece of property which he has purchased to facilitate privacy while he modifies his many gadgets and the equipment required to control them.
Lawful Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
9969 31 Years old
Current Residence
Light Blue
Short red-brown hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, overly sweaty
165 lbs
Aligned Organization
Appears in...

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