Voxelian Dry Ration

A Voxelian Dry Ration (or V-ration for short) is a form of military and civil emergency ration employed by Voxelian citizens and, occasionaly, sold for export to allied human organizations.  


A V-ration contains four dishes. All four dishes are wrapped in individual packets and stowed within a cheap metal tin which can double as an impromptu mess kit or cooking pan. These dishes are:  
  • Honey cake - this extremely sweet 'cake' might be more accurately described as a dense wheat or penrose fescue flour hardtack biscuit saturated with honey for flavor and additional caloric content. V-ration honey cakes, hard and sugary as they are, are famous for being an expeditious way of diagnosing dental problems among the common soldiery. Hive City often contributes the honey for these cakes, while Ambergrain provides the grain flour.
  • Pemmican - this block of dried, preserved beef, cow fat, and herbs may be consumed immediately or placed in boiled water to form a hearty stew.
  • Vegetable chips - this mixture of assorted root vegetables has been cut into thick slices, fried in vegetable oil, salted, and thuroughly dried to preserve freshness. This dish helps provide vital nutrients otherwise not found in the previous ingredients.
  • Dried fruit - this mixture of assorted fruits, usually consisting of apples, cranberries, or blueberries, has been thuroughly dried to preserve freshness. This dish helps provide additional calories and a welcome distraction from hunger pangs when enjoyed over the course of a day. Chateau Blueberry often contributes this fruit content to the war effort.
  A charcoal-packed, wooden tube is included with each V-ration to provide the user with a way to filter water for consumption. The consumer of a V-ration is expected to provide his or her own supply of water; Voxelia, being positioned within the relatively damp Medial A cube, has certainly imposed a cultural influence on the creation of the V-ration.


V-rations are considered the 'standard' ration of human forces wherever they might be found, though competing products from manufacturers in the Manifold Conservation Society and Coalition of Breakaway Colonies do exist. For example, a V-Ration is considered by experienced Burning Hearts Social Club members to pair well with a tall glass of dilute Caldera Red during strenuous activities, though the factions which produce each item are currently at war with one another.  
Remove the block of pemmican and pouch of vegetable chips from within a Voxelian dry ration. Break these ingredients up and distribute evenly within a wide pan; dress with salt, black pepper, and ground League chili flakes to taste, then cover with just enough water to submerge the ingredients. Bring the contents of the pan to a simmer until the water level begins to drop and the ingredients are rehydrated, stirring occasionally to keep the meats and starches from sticking to the pan. Once the water is mostly gone, slowly refill the pan with equal parts Caldera Red and cream (around four cups), stirring and deglazing as needed to evenly distribute the contents until a thick, hearty stew is formed. If you have cooked noodles to hand, then this is the time to add them. Simmer until warm and serve immediately.
— A recipe found in Zevtwill's Big Book of Taboo Treats: It's Suspiciously, Seditiously Delicious!

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Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
V-rations are ubiquitous throughout The Human Arc and sometimes find themselves into more exotic locales, especially in shipments earmarked for MartMart International locations.
2 lbs/man-day
Base Price
1 NGC/man-day

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