Einiov Gaka (ayn-wav-ga-ka)

Einiov Gaka is a traditional Elovisian martial art that has been preserved and expanded upon primarily in the Free Faces League. The fighting style, which emphasizes grappling and throwing at extreme close quarters, is particularly effective when practiced in auto-armor due to the enhanced strength and leverage provided by this equipment. Einiov Gaka is currently the basis of Coalition Defense Forces combatives.


Einiov Gaka originated in the time between then the Elovisians were forced into exile by the Old Voxelian Conquest and when subsequent New Voxelian settlers were arriving in Medial C. Because it is adjacent to the arid Eastern Tesseract, the terrain Medial C (especially in the regions near Triple Mesa and Craterhold is extraordinarily dry and hard. Early practitioners of Einiov Gaka learned to use this terrain to their advantage by throwing opponents against rocks and cliff faces, shattering their bones and rupturing their organs without recourse to strikes. Later contact with practitioners of Djet Kazh caused the Einiov Gaka practitioners to adopt some striking techniques, but these were never the focus of the art.


In comparison to contemporary Djet Kazh, which emphasizes adaptability and flexibility, Einiov Gaka is an extremely rooted and stable fighting technique. Einiov Gaka practitioners seek a firm connection to the ground to lend their throws greater force, and, when grapping, practitioners seek to lend as much of themselves as possible to the ground rather than to their opponents. At the same time, opponents are to be denied the ground so that they cannot generate the leverage required to counteract the Einiov Gaka practitioner - up until the moment that a hard throw is executed. Famously, Einiov Gaka doesn't 'believe' in mid-range fighting: either the opponent shoud be pounced upon and mauled at point-blank range, or they should be thrown far enough away that they cannot reasonably counterattack.

Components and tools

In the official combatives variant of Einiov Gaka, mattocks can be used not only as striking implements but as ways to hook and pull an opponent closer for joint breaks and throws. In the auto-armor size bracket, heavy Jackhammers are generally used to keep the opponent at a distance; enemies closer than the tip of the weapon should instead be pulled in and crushed or tossed with the titanic strength of the armor before being tossed, the latter technique being known as 'casting the net.'

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