Elovisian Independence Day

Elovisian Independence Day is a raucus annual celebration of the independence of the Elovisian people from their previous Old Voxelian (as the ethnicity) and modern Voxelian (as the nation) overlords.


While similar festivities have been held throughout the centuries in the various territories which would eventually become the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies, the tradition of Elovisian Independence Day begins around the signing of the First Treaty of Vivaldi peak in the early 9900's AR. By this point in history, far-flung New Voxelian expatriates from Voxelia had long since fully integrated into the Elovisian cultures native to Medial C, forming the nations of the Free Faces League, Commonwealth of C, and Craterhold. In Craterhold, especially, the start of the War of Reunification raised the desire of the people to whip up nationalistic sentiment through some sort of public display. To answer this desire, the capitol Moot agreed to set aside the fourth full moon evening of the year for a celebration, which became the holiday as it is known to present day.


Elovisian Independence Day is a day filled with parades, public gatherings, alcohol, grilled meats, and general revelry deep into the early morning; though not formally recognized as such, many businesses which participate in the holiday remain closed the following day to allow for recovery and cleanup. Craterhold and the Commonwealth of C often allocate large amounts of funds for celebrations like this each year, while the Free Faces League government is somewhat more reserved in this regard due to its more significant New Voxelian population.


Elovisian Independence Day celebrations take place on the 15th night of Iksunten, specifically in response to the fourth fully moonlit evening of the year. The number four has a significance to the Elovisian culture, being seen as perfectly 'balanced' due to its construction as the addition or multiplication of two twos and the fact that it is one of the first square numbers. Furthermore, being near the beginning of the summer season, the first full moon of summer often represents the last full evening of revelry the denizens of Medial C can enjoy before the weather becomes too uncomfortably hot.

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