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Radio Free Manifold

WRFM Radio Free Manifold (RFM) is a RadNet news, commentary, and entertainment channel broadcast out of the municipality of Craterhold.

Public Agenda

Radio Free Manifold often serves as a mouthpiece for pro-Coalition news and propaganda wedged in between music and the occasional radio play. Despite its Elovisian bias, RFM uses The Guild Gazette as a content agency for most news that can't be easily spun.   Roderick "Rod" Radboltzen, the eccentric and charismatic dayshift host of Radio Free Manifold, is a strident advocate for the perenial Holdsman virtue of free expression. Rod isn't so much a 'shock jock' as he is a blunt person with no interest in sugarcoating things. This can occasionally make programs on RFM difficult to handle for more conservative listeners, but it also earns the respect of those looking for 'straight talk.' Rod is also famous for the entertaining personal stories he tells on slow news days. While some of these stories are almost assuredly tall tales, the man is a known thrillseeker and some of his known exploits are almost too extreme to believe had others not been there to witness them.


Radio Free Manifold's home station is located in the municipality of Craterhold, but it has numerous translators throughout The Human Arc - many of which are not, strictly speaking, legal to be operating in their respective locations. For example, the PPH Canopy's covert radio mast is often used to rebroadcast RFM transmissions in Voxelian-held territories as a form of psychological warfare; Arxid Sagan believes that being able to hear the perspective of the Coalition 'enemy' will humanize them in the minds of Voxelians over time.

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