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Creeping Lichens Conspiracy

The so-called 'Creeping Lichens Conspiracy' is a common conspiracy theory in the The Human Arc, especially among ethnic Elovisians.


According the proponents of the Creeping Lichens Conspiracy theory, Vale Verdial agents are secretly trying to spread Caudal lichen symbiosis (the defining feature of the Verdial species) to other cubes through various means as a way of creeping social control and, ultimately, cultural genocide against other humanoid ethnic groups. These conspiracy theorists believe that Petalcap Vale is aware of the danger of Voxelian imperialism and wants to ensure that, once Voxelia takes over, Verdials will be numerous enough to usurp control from the ascendant Voxelians. Alternatively, some followers of the conspiracy believe that Vale Verdials, despite all indications to the contrary, have a snobby perception of their own ethnic superiority and wish to impose 'perfection' on the 'lesser' peoples of the Manifold.

Historical Basis

The Creeping Lichens Conspiracy is almost a complete hoax. Much of the concern regarding 'Verdial expansionism' is actually a response to stigmas imposed on Verdials for the fact that the Caudal lichen is transmissible with extremely long-term exposure. At the same time, because Elovisians have a long cultural heritage of conflict with Old and New Voxelian ethnic groups, some of them are primed to believe that any deep connection to other ethnic groups will result in similar conflict. For this reason believers in the conspiracy also often harbor ethnic animosity towards their New Voxelian countrymen, regardless of political alignment.   At the same time, while the Creeping Lichens Conspiracy is mostly a hoax, there is actually a kernel of truth to it. Most believers in the conspiracy don't realize that the Verdant Order does intend to meddle in the affairs of outsiders for the exclusive benefit of Petalcap Vale. The Order diligently fosters the conspiracy theory - at the same time as they actively fund efforts to debunk it - so that any whistle-blowers will simply be regarded as bigoted crackpots. The Order's aims, however, involve infiltration and social disruption rather spreading Caudal lichens. Indeed, most Vale Verdials regard the lichens as a semi-sacred thing to be spread only to kin and other individual who embody the Vale Verdial ethos.
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