Circle of Six

The Circle of Six was an alliance of six Medial A tribes which rose up against the Old Voxelian tribes shortly before the Conquest.


While most of the tribes which would become the Elovisian peoples chose to oppose the Old Voxelian threat through either traditional or guerilla warfare techniques, the Circle of Six chose the path of psychological warfare.   In the years leading up tot he Conquests, Circle warriors would terrorize outlying Voxelian villages, pillaging, plundering, and leaving the bodies hung high in the woods before fading back into parts unknown. Usually, the Circle would torture a group of survivors for several days before letting them 'escape,' hunting those who fled until only one individual remained. This survivor was expected deliver a message of terror to the Voxelian warlords. By embracing these horrific tactics - by showing strength in the face of Voxelian expansionism - the member tribes of the Circle hoped that Voxelian ambitions would be curbed.   Unfortunately, this was a severe miscalculation on the part of the Circle. In standing against the 'raiders,' the remaining periphery communities were drawn ever further into the Voxelian sphere of influence out of a desire for mutual protection and a recognition of a shared enemy. By the time of the Conquests, these tribes' relations with the pre-Elovisian tribes had completely soured due to the latter groups' tacit approval of the Circle's atrocities. The Circle had, furthermore, lent Voxelia the moral authority to undertake a punitive campaign against raiders of all sorts - even if the war had, in fact, started with Voxelian ambitions on the rest of the cube layer.


Unlike many pre-Elovisian tribes which were allowed to go into exile rather than being destroyed, the tribes of the Circle of Six found no sympathy nor mercy from the roving armies of the burgeoning Old Voxelian Empire. In time, the Circle was exterminated to the last known individual, their settlements raised and the soil tilled over their charred remains. To this day, farmers and agri-mine cosntruction crews near Ambergrain or Hive City sometimes turn up old Circle spearpoints or fragments of bone when working their fields.   While many modern Elovisians have some Circle of Six Blood, the tribes themselves are Lost Tribes, their cultures (but not their deeds) almost entirely forgotten. Most often, the influence of the Circle of Six can sometimes be felt in the unfavorable New Voxelian stereotype that Elovisans (especially Holdsmen) are 'barbarians' or 'savages.' In truth, most people in the titular caldera simply wish to be left to live on their own terms and would never condone the wanton violence of the Six, though they might respect the Circle's scrappy, resourceful spirit of rebellion in the abstract.

Dissolution Date
6117 AX
Alliance, Generic
Alternative Names
The Circle; The Six in Darkness
Training Level
Veterancy Level
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