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Togae, He Who Sings Death

Singing life stories of the recently deceased

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Oh, Guardian of Glass
How light shines through you
Oh, Crystal protector
You were delicate, if only we knew
— Flawed Protector, by Togae
  Togae comes from a village of harsh conditions and hardy people; a place where death is embraced as a part of life. The passing of one life makes way for another, and tales of the deceased become the basis for lessons taught to new generations. Togae spends his life as the Singer of Death, the Voice of the Fading; he speaks to those about to be welcomed into death's embrace to learn their story, and then sings it aloud to pass along the tale to all that will listen.

Early Life

In his formative years, Togae was quiet, almost reclusive. He enjoyed nature and song, spending hours listening to both. Socially, he spent much of his time observing those around him, listening to what they had to say, rarely interjecting with an opinion of his own. When he did speak, it was often with a small, shy voice, and anything he said was usually missed during the bustle of conversation. Because of this and his love for music, Togae developed the habit of singing to himself; softly, under his breath, he'd keep a sing-song account of all that was happening near him.   Life during Togae's youth was tough; living in Soom-Shida was never easy, but the years during which he grew up were some of the hardest. Bad harvests, brutal weather, and the threat of Hansun going to war were omnipresent -- the general population of Soom-Shida reached its lowest point when Togae turned just 10 years old.    
The thing I remember most is how year by year, the silence grew.
— Togae


Wishes and Orders

The people of Soom-Shida, tenacious and always looking for an opportunity to better their lives, were desperate. Thus, when the government of Hansun came looking for a place to kickstart the creation of Catalurgists, the local leaders of Soom-Shida accepted without second thought.
Togae's parents, Soyun and Hyunji, were proud Soom-Shidans, examples of citizens who loved their city despite the trials associated with living in it. They had long wished for their son to be strong like them, and when the call for Catalurgists came, they saw an opportunity to put an end to what they saw as useless singing and introduce a powerful magic user to their family and the world.
To most outsiders looking in, Togae's relationship with his parents was ordinary; perfectly fine, even. It appeared as if he respected his parents wishes, yet to Togae, it felt as if he had no choice but to follow orders.   Togae began to suppress his love for song, as his parents slowly and methodically replaced his dreams with their expectations.
Presented Sex
Published Songs
Soyun Ro and Hyunji Ro
Nicknames, Alternate Titles
Voice of the Fading, Voice of the Dying, Storysinger

Togae Ro

As a result of a difficult youth, Togae is under average in both height and weight. Because of this, the often extreme cold of Soom-Shida effects him greately; thus he's usually seen bundled up in many layers of thick clothes.   His chest and arms bear the telltale marks of a failed Catalurgic procedure, but he keeps these hidden with tight wraps on his arms and a thick shirt that he rarely ever removes.   When Togae sings for people, his voice is soft and quiet, yet somehow absolutely demanding of attention.

Interactive Interview
Hover to trigger continuation of conversation
I know now that it was the wrong choice. What a mistake it was. But at the time...
— Interviewee
At the time, you were doing what you thought was best.
— Togae
It felt like it was the only option.
— Interviewee
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Was it though? Truly the only option?
Did you not look for alternatives?
I'm not trying to make excuses for my actions. They're inexcusable. I just want to provide context as to why -- you have to understand, when you've lived through what I have, you need to make the tough decisions every time in order to survive. If you're lucky, they'll be the kind of decisions you can live to regret. If you're unlucky...

Introduction to Mortality

Togae was to become a shining example of Soom-Shidan fortitude and ability; with one "simple" medical procedure, he'd become a Catalurgist and gain the power to help bring the settlement back into glory, as well as win some much needed attention from the government of Hansun.   Local leaders, equipped only with limited knowledge, professed that the operation is easy, with low risk; a simple "in and out". Take one thing out of the body and replace it with something new, granting the power to process Ichor and create magic. Yet their doctors were untrained, the tools and precautions required were alien to them, and in the early stages of Togae's operation, it all went wrong.   Togae began to lose blood at an astonishing rate, and the situation quickly became dire. With his life rapidly draining away, his doctors made their case to his parents; he needed blood, and as all doctors of the time knew, it needed to come from family. Togae's father, Hyunji, volunteered. He was quickly brought into the operation room, pre-op checks skipped, and soon a web of tubing connected the two. As the doctors worked to stop Togae's bleeding, his father's blood slowly began to replenish that which Togae had lost.   One final tragedy struck that night; as Togae began to stabilize and the doctors began to relax, a hidden heart condition held by Togae's father made itself known. The strain of giving so much blood cause the rhythm of his heart to falter and slow. Hyunji slipped into a coma, and 4 hours after giving blood to save his son's life, Hyunji died.


Finding Hope in Death

The guardian had been put on it's path
Its nature set in crystal, too fragile to change
It could only act as it knew
as pain became what it reflected
— Flawed Protector, by Togae
The following years provided no relief for Togae. Unable to reconcile his anger at nearly dying with the fact that his father gave his life to save him, Togae slowly withdrew from people as a whole. Things that he once enjoyed lost all lustre; he no longer sang for himself, he no longer took joy in the simple things in life. By the time he became a young adult, Togae was merely going through the motions.   Unable to look his mother in the eye anymore, he moved himself into a solitary hut on the far edge of town. Using knowledge from his time observing nature in his youth, he began foraging for survival; as he retreated from society, he found sanctuary in the wild.

Slow Silence of Nature

For 5 years, Togae remained in near total isolation. He'd see another person now and again when he needed supplies from town, but the interactions were always brief.   Throughout those years Togae slowly began to appreciate his surroundings once again. He took in the quiet of the woods and the stories of the lifeforms that called them home. He observed as animals, insects, and plants all constantly fought for survival. There was beauty in their struggle; there were stories in their death.   He felt close to nature during those years. And after a time, he began to see reflections of that struggle showcased in the people of Soom-Shida. He slowly learned to accept the decisions people make in the goal of survival.
Singing the Impending Silence

After a time, Togae began breaking the silence; softly his voice drifted through the trees as he sang the songs of the forest creatures. Quietly did his music drift on somber air as he sung of life attempting to survive.   Slowly he began to work humanity into those songs, and with that, come to terms with the horror of his past. The melody of nature became Togae's path to healing.  
I sang of grass and of trees, of birds and of bugs. Things quick of death and slow of life.
— Togae


Soom-Shida is a settlement within the country of Hansun, nestled precariously in between a cluster of sheer cliffs and sharp mountain peaks. It is blasted with wind all year round, with winters of ice and summers of torrential rain.   The people of Soom-Shida are thus a very hardy type; nothing goes to waste in the town, as anything can and will be repurposed rather than made anew.  

Funerary Traditions

This propensity to re-use extends even to human life. Death is accepted and embraced, and often those who are dying will leave plans for their body to be used in whatever way necessary to ensure the survival of the community.
I know my father, and I know he'd simply be happy that I'm still getting use out of his blood, all these years after he died to give it to me.
— Togae
The Resourceful people of Soom-Shida
Ethnicity | Sep 8, 2022

An isolated group of people, bound together by the desire to reuse and repurpose anything and everything -- including the limbs of dead monsters.

Interactive Interview
Hover to trigger continuation of conversation
Things were bad for a time. Really bad. I had lost everything... of course, I wasn't the only one. But I only saw things through my own frame of reference, and that made it hard to see the hurt others were going through as well.
— Interviewee
What allowed you to change?
— Togae
Time. Time itself does not heal all things. Yet it provided me the space I needed to get at my core pains. Those years without you or your father were the hardest years of my life. And now at the end of my journey, I'm a better person because of it.
— Soyun Ro
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They were the hardest years of my life, too.
I know.
Forcing me, forcing anyone into that procedure... it's not forgiveable.
I don't expect it to be.
I don't even hope to be forgiven. I wasn't a good person, but I tried.
You have no idea how proud I am of you. That despite the damage your father and I did, you became who you are today.



Singing once again woke the humanity within Togae; previous brief interactions with people in town grew longer as he begun to converse with those he had isolated himself from many years ago. He talked with them of what had changed, of how things were going; he learned that others too had undergone the dangerous operation to become Catalurgists, with many of them dying. Togae's parents were far from the only ones to have been tricked by false promises.
People were merely taking any opportunity they saw to better their lives, despite the danger. I don't blame them.
— Togae
  Togae found his mother in a home dedicated to long term care. Some time within the last year or so, she had taken ill; doctors said she was on deaths door, yet still she remained, in the hopes of seeing Togae again. Together they spoke, and slowly her story of hardship and regret was heard.  

Telling her tale

Listening to and observing the struggles within Soom-Shida became second nature to Togae, after his years in isolation. He had a keen ear for hidden truths, and a sharp eye for noticing the marks of buried pain. It took many visits, but gradually he listened to all that his mother had to say; Togae was with her in the end, as she breathed her last breath and told the end of her own story.
Togae's First Song
  A small funeral was held for Soyun; not many had known her all that well, especially after what had happened. Those who did show up did so because of Togae. Despite the pain, his habit of singing under his breath had returned, but this time his voice carried a weight that it hadn't had before; those who heard it quieted themselves to better hear Togae's somber melodies.  
During the funeral Togae finally let his voice ring free; no longer under his breath, powerful yet still quiet, he sang the song of his mother. He sang of her willing blindness to pain in the hopes of survival, and of the rigid, unchanging way that she loved those around her.   Much of the song was wrapped in metaphor, to the point that it seemed a work of fiction. Yet those that heard it that day found the truth and understanding within the melody.
The song became popular in the months following, heard in quiet places -- a mother singing her sick child to sleep, or a from an old man remembering his youth.   Many had no idea at the time that they were singing of Togae's late mother. To them, they were singing of the Flawed Guardian; a protector made of fragile glass, doing what it can to raise those it loves, but failing due to the inherent flaws contained within.

The Work of Togae

It wasn't long before Togae had other people requesting to speak with him, to tell him their life story. Those close to death, who had heard what he did for his late mother, wanted the same sort of closure for their time of passing. His method of honoring those who have passed on became highly sought after in Soom-Shida, and soon it became common-place to have a personal song sung at one's funeral.  
There's much I want to tell, yet I lack the ability to tell it properly. Please, would you sing my death?
— A request to Togae
  Togae himself has only sung for a handful of people so far. Each person he's sung for has had a tale that resonated with him; containing either a connection to his own story, or an importance that he feels must be spread to the world.  
That song really put their life in perspective. They're still a bastard, but... I can see where they're coming from. I'm going to miss that old bag.
— Overheard at a funeral Togae sang at

Cover image: Drawing by Stormbril, background by Renee Conoulty


Author's Notes

Flawed Guardian is a WIP!
However, if you're interested in reading it...
Click the spoiler for the lyrics to his song.

♫ Flawed Guardian ♫
A safe place to grow
Within the darkness of life
is all that was needed
to nurture this sprout
  Tasked with protection
the guardian stood strong
to defend the young
and to keep them from doubt
  Made of glass
Layers of experience and pain
The guardian was built
with flaws inherent throughout
Oh, Guardian of Glass
How light shines through you
Oh, Crystal protector
You were delicate, if only we knew
    Their inner light, life it did provide
It radiated outward through fractured glass
Though it emerged twisted
There was still warmth to be gained
  As the protectors ward grew
Time weighed on the glass
Those twists flaws and fractures
began to grow unrefrained
  Soon the warmth of the light turned harsh
the glow once comfort became points of hurt
the growing light of love
and all that was good had become drained
Oh, Guardian of Glass
How light shines through you
Oh, Crystal protector
You were delicate, if only we knew
    The guardian had been put on it's path
Its nature set in crystal, too fragile to change
It could only act as it knew
as pain became what it reflected
  The sprout it stood over
became wild, and strong
The parts burned by the protector's harsh light
grew back scarred, twisted and neglected
  Soon the young became aged and free
It left the flawed light of its defender
fled into the dark, into total solitary
left alone was was the protector, rejected
Oh, Guardian of Glass
How light shines through you
Oh, Crystal protector
You were delicate, if only we knew

I feel confident in saying this is complete! What did you think? I'm not the most experienced in writing characters, so I would love your feedback. Are his motivations believable? Is there enough of a character there to attach to, or are more characterizations needed? Any and all feedback is appreciated <3

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Feb 1, 2022 17:47 by Dani

I don't know how you manage to outdo yourself with article after article, but you have done it again! <3 This was so moving, equal parts horrible for Togae's past and wonderful for Togae's future, as well as for those he's sung for. Beautiful work, Stormbril!

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Feb 2, 2022 17:21 by Stormbril

Ahhh thank you so much Dani! <3 I wish I had more space in the word cap, there's more I'd like to tell about Togae still xD

Feb 1, 2022 17:55 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

That was a nice story but very sad :( Shoom Shida really doesn't seem like a nice place to live in... It's good that Togae managed to find some peace in the end, and that he can feed himself by foraging; I don't imagine people have enough to pay him a lot or at all for his service? It's nice that in the end he was able to reconcile with his mother.   People don't seem to know a lot about Cathalurgy apart from the very very basic rumours about it. Do the people who survived the procedure ever come back to the city to share details about their new life? I imaging most must be rather disillusioned too. Even after everything that happened, do a lot of people still want to attempt the surgery to become Cathalurgists? Random thought, but I guess the government doesn't pay anything to the family of people who died during the surgery? :p   Great work with the article :D

Feb 2, 2022 17:27 by Stormbril

Thank you! Sad is what I was going for, but with an attempt to mix some hope/healing in too :'( <3   It's absolutely a tough place to live, but it's formed some really tough, resilient people who never want to leave. They've got too much pride in where they live, and in today's Cathedris, it's become an important place as well!   Catalurgy is still a very new magic/science to Cathedris, so at the time they introduced it to Soom-Shida, there was a LOT of misinformation D: That's probably the main reason Togae's parents were so convinced that he should go through with it. These days, the danger is understood so much better, but people still choose to undergo the operation because of the power it grants. That, and there's an industry around the conversion (and failures) in Soom-Shida now, and it's not something the village or Hansun would want to lose.   And no, the government is kind of a jerk, they'd definitely "forget" to pay the family xD

Feb 1, 2022 18:45

So much loss, so much grief and pain in this world. I don't know much about Hyunji & Soyun. I don't know much about Soom-Shida but I know of grief, I know of death and I know of music. The urge to sing, the urge to express me in words my heart dictates me in notes, ryhmes and letters no one will know of.   Togae would be the one I want to have my story. I don't care if he will sing about me but I care about the fact that he has my story in his heart and in his twisted mind. And maybe, maybe he will sing in his quiet voice about me on distant shores.   I know of things many people disregard, the little things. A campfire, a hot meal or just a cup of tea a beloved person has made for you. And they have forgotten about the meaning of stories. We are all stories in the end, but Togae will make them - and so us - count.   Stormbril, I salute you.

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Feb 2, 2022 17:29 by Stormbril

Aw, thank you for the lovely comment, Eddie <3   2021 was a hard year and I think writing this character in this way helped to put some of those feelings into words in a different context, which felt good. <3

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Thank you so much Cato! Looking forward to ironing out the CSS issues and finishing the art to really finish off this thing :D

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Once again some great work! Especially liking the popup conversation css that you added :) Nice but sad story. I wonder why they even attempt to procedure even though they know little about it it seems :p Are there perhaps sources that could give them more decent information?

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Feb 2, 2022 17:33 by Stormbril

Thank you Kefke!   Yeah, it's definitely not a safe procedure. Catalurgy is still very new, so at the time, they simply didn't know (and weren't told by those who did) that it was so dangerous! That's definitely a big part of why Togae's parents felt as if he needed to go through with this for the country.   Now though, a good decade or more afterwards, things are understood a lot better. Soom-Shida is still THE place for Catalurgist creation -- though now the danger is understood and accepted. They've even built an industry around the more uh... monstrous failures. It's put the small town of Soom-Shida on the map and has secured near constant in-flow of supplies and food, so in the end, they've decided it's worth it.

Feb 2, 2022 22:56

Even if it is THE place to do I would never sign up for it :p but some people are braver than me xp

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Feb 5, 2022 06:28 by Stormbril

I swear I don't mean to! xD 2020 and 2021 were just... "quite" the years, and I think that's making itself known in the sorts of moods I want to write lately, whoops :P   Thank you so much though <3

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You made this so poignant! Just, WOW.

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Feb 6, 2022 22:14 by E. Christopher Clark

"He had a keen ear for hidden truths, and a sharp eye for noticing the marks of buried pain."   You have one hell of a hook/opening paragraph, and the concept of the Singer of Death and the Voice of the Fading is incredibly well-explored throughout. Bravo!   Oh, and the CSS for the interviews is fantastic.

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Feb 7, 2022 10:13 by Stormbril

Thank you so much! I'm glad the concept works :D

Feb 7, 2022 15:08 by A

This one is beautiful, sad and hopeful at the same time! I like that it is a character that is able to revive themselves from the sadness and did not get aid outside. It was them who helped themselves with how to deal with the sadness, even if it took a long time. It is also interesting and cool that he turned what others saw as a flaw into his lifework and something for others to feel and share.   (And as always, the CSS is great and the articles disposition well done!)

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Thank you so much! <3 I definitely wanted to try and mix loss with healing in this :)

Feb 9, 2022 04:20

This is such a sad, beautiful article. You've done a wonderful job. I like how Togae grows and evolves over time and comes back to singing.   I particularly love how you've created a very reserved, humble character who takes the time to understand others.

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Thank you, so much! <3 I really enjoyed writing a quiet, "small scale" character, it felt good to create :)

Feb 9, 2022 09:54

HOW DID YOU DO THAT CONVERSATION?! IT IS SO AMAZING!   As always with your work, this is a great article surrounded with fantastic formatting. I found the story of this character very poetic. Forced into isolation, found himself more and more atuned to the story and death of the lifeforms surrounding him, until he managed to find his way back to humanity. Great of you to add the WIP lyrics of the Flawed Guardian song as well!   All in all, as mentioned by others, you outdid yourself once again. That's one of my favorite articles so far, well done!

With love,   Pouaseuille.
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through forbidden CSS magiks lost to tiiiiiiiiime xD Mostly through some "sibling selectors", hover effects, and animations!   Aw, thank you so so much Pouaseuille! <3 I really appreciate it, and I'm happy this article has resonated so well :D

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Lovely ambitious article. The story behind the character is beautiful in its sadness and so is the idea of singing people’s death. I feel like the article is strong enough not to need all the animations in it as I found them bit distracting, but that is only my experience. Especially the first conversation surprised me and not in good way, as I have a habit of following the place I am reading with my mouse, and I was not expecting anything to happen. When the window went darker, I was sure that my computer had broken or something, so warning at the beginning/on top of the interactive text box might be in place. Still great job with the article that is clearly well thought out in every detail and a result of huge amount of work!

Feb 9, 2022 21:13 by Stormbril

Things being distracting/too much is a very real fear I have for a lot of what I do -- I love going for interactive and moving things, but I also know it can make it distracting to read D:   That's a good point about a warning at the top of the box! I tried to add a bit with the way the cursor changes, and the text at the bottom, but you're right in that something at the top would be even more helpful. Thank you! :)   And thank you for the lovely comment! <3

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Feb 11, 2022 07:39

Once again you have put together an amazing article Stormbril. If you ever feel like letting the rest of us know which Fae or eldritch being you made a contract with to get your CSS skills many of us would appreciate it ;)   You have a masterfully crafted piece of art here as always. The concept of someone who tells the stories of the recently deceased to help other learn from their lives in a harsh world is something any bard should aspire, much as your articles are a goal for the rest of us to work towards.

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Aw, thank you Dyl! I wouldve loved to have seen your bard -- in fact, I hope to see more regardless of doing it for the challenge or not! I'm a noob at characters and love to see how people like you really breathe life and personality into them!   So, these lovely comments from you truly mean a lot <3 Thank you so much, as always!

Feb 15, 2022 14:11 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Beautiful and sad. I loved the interactive interviews, and the reveal in the second. Togae went through so much pain, but I love that he managed to come out the other side and help people with their own pain at the end. <3   Your work always astonishes me.

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It felt good to write this kind of thing, I think! Thank you so much Emy <3

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I am deeply moved by this tragic tale. And as always, your art is on point and your CSS magic is inspiring. Well done!

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Feb 17, 2022 03:56 by Stormbril
Feb 19, 2022 15:03 by Angantyr

Gods, Storm... Togae went through a rough childhood, and his family's situation was a complex one. Yet, even though fooled and hurt by society, in the end, he emerges victorious, and it is others who lower his voice to listen to what he has to say. He gains their respect and uses his talents as best as he can.   Accidently or on purpose, I feel like he takes those lives, which passed and reused them to create a song precisely what Soom-Shida is known for. This was very pleasing to see — I have a soft spot for complex structures and interlacing perspectives (individual and social in this case). Pretty neatly spun.   I couldn't see any mention of Togae having friends. Did he have any? He was respected, yes, but was he alone in a social sense?   Format-wise, I don't know if it's only my site, but the background tempest doesn't feel smooth? I'm not sure if that was the effect you wanted to achieve. Anyway, that's just me nitpicking.   Thank you for a good read.

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Feb 22, 2022 19:19 by Stormbril

Thank you so so much, Ang! I feel like Soom-Shida and the people who live there is one of the more "realized" places in my mind, it helped to try to weave everything together, and I'm glad it resonated <3   The background tempest should only be visible through the background cathedral windows, hopefully it's not too distracting D: It is something I've been considering trying to fix, so thank you for the note on that :)

Feb 19, 2022 21:00 by TC

This is such a wonderful character with a really touching but ultimately inspiring story. I'm glad that he managed to find himself after such a harrowing early life, and that he managed to flourish and maybe even find closure. And also, no need to mention the jaw dropping CSS- you've outdone yourself again!

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Thank you so much TC! I really enjoyed writing this one <3

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Wow. This is really a great article. Even apart from the technical aspects, which I hadn't seen before. I also liked the "glow" around the quotes and the rather gloomy design.   I think the city is very successful, including its pragmatism in the sense that nothing is wasted. That's actually more common in such harsh areas. It's understandable that his parents would take such a chance when their son doesn't seem to be suitable for life in the city and the risks are unknown - although they might have done so if they had known about the risks.   I like Togae himself and his process of self-discovery, if you can call it that. How he recovers from his powerlessness, his anger and shock over time through nature, how he is able to make peace with his mother, so to speak, in order to finally help other humans as a new vocation, is great and very cinematic. So, yes, characterizations are okay. Thank you for creating it.

Feb 22, 2022 19:23 by Stormbril

Thank you so much Secere!   I think that's my favourite part about Soom-Shida, making it exist in such a harsh place with such tough conditions, yet still have it be successful, in a way. I'm glad it seems that way to you too :)   It was a pleasure to create this article, and a pleasure to read your comment! Thank you so much :)

Mar 13, 2022 22:17 by Fall

I second Dani's comment... Every time I visit Cathedris the latest article blows my mind even more so than the last... Great job Stormbril, you absolute magician!

Mar 21, 2022 03:23 by Stormbril

Thank you so much, Blades! Your kind words really mean a lot :D

Mar 5, 2023 15:10

What an amazing article with strong emotions! The interactive interviews are great!

Graylion - Nexus   Roleplaying
not Ruleplaying
not Rollplaying
Mar 6, 2023 01:39 by Stormbril

Thank you so much Gray! I'm really proud of this one :)

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