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Blood of the Dead Gods

It's the source of both monsters and magic, sourced from nearly half a kilometer tall beings that pulverize the landscape with each step they take.
— A history of Ichor, Theodore Yoserifz
  Within the colossal veins and arteries of the massive God-husks, one can find the blood that keeps them moving, despite their deaths thousands of years ago. Ichor is strange; it keeps the God-husks alive, it mutates mortal life into monsters, and most recently it grants humanity a fraction of the former gods' powers in the form of Catalurgy. Raw power emanates from the liquid, and it's the most dangerous commodity to extract -- making it the most valuable as well.  

The Spring of Power and Wealth

Through all the long years of God-husks having their blood spilled, extracted, or lost, no limit to the amount of Ichor within them has ever been reached or even discussed. From what most can tell, the God-husks regenerate Ichor at a rate that matches or exceed the rate of extraction and loss. With the high difficulty of extraction, matched with the high rate of regeneration, those in the industry of Ichor feel as if the product will never run out.

Genesis, Transmutive, Aural


Ichor extraction is a huge industry that employs thousands of people across all of Cathedris; wherever there is a God-husks, there's scores of employees working to draw out the blood within.   Extractors, Legion guards, engineers, contractors, construction workers -- employment of almost any kind can be found at these base camps.


To draw any blood from a God-husk, an entire team of operatives and an armory of specialized equipment is required. Large scale permanent and temporary structures must be built, defences must be implemented, and storage must be accommodated. The danger of Rendlings is very real, and thus guards must always be present.  
At every place of operation, the Legion has an outpost where Legionnaires are posted to guard the Ichor, and protect the workers should the Ichor spill and create an outbreak of incredibly dangerous Rendlings. Some places, like Dimiti's island, require much more Legion presence than others.  
Ichor extraction needs both permanent and temporary construction. Camp housing and storage must be built, and lightweight, quick to assemble, structures must be created near to, or even within the path of wandering God-husks in order to quickly and "safely" draw Ichor from them as they pass by.
High up on the usually 100m+ tall scaffolding, workers with handheld drills, tubing, and tanks wait for their target God-husk to pass close by, or often crash into their structure. At that point, they latch on to the leg of the titan crashing by, driving spikes into the flesh so that they remain safely suspended in the air.   Once safely attached to their target God-husk, the extraction team uses specialized hollow drills with air-tight tubing leading to tanks mounted on their backs to draw the Ichor from the body of the dead god they're hanging off of. Drilling in and pumping the Ichor out can sometimes take up to 10 minutes, depending on the team, and once the tanks are full they rappel down to relative safety to await collection.
Ichor extraction is right up there with sewer maintenance, emergency first responders, and running a daycare; jobs that I respect but will never, ever do.
— Isaac Hoffman, fisherman


Not all God-husks are equal in the creation of Ichor; blood removed from their undead bodies comes in three specific types, each with their own qualities and Catalurgical uses. For most of the God-husks, the Ichor found within is known as Aural Ichor, while others may have more rare Transmutive or Genesis Ichor inside them instead.

Aural Ichor

Found in over half of the planet-bound God-husks, making it both the most common and the easiest to source Ichor of them all. Aural Ichor is a shimmery, rich purple liquid, with streaks of violet and indigo throughout it. The liquid is warm at all times, even felt through whatever container it is within, and it has a low viscosity to it.  
Hazards, Concerns, and Containment
Upon contact with air, Aural Ichor will begin to off-gas very corrosive fumes which cause burns, blinding, and scarring of the lungs if inhaled. These fumes are long lasting, and can have very negative impacts on surrounding flora and fauna, thus any Aural Ichor, just like the rest, requires safekeeping within airtight containers.  
Aural Catalurgy
Aural Catalurgy is a personal magic done to, and with, the electromagnetic fields surrounding the caster. It's very attuned to the Catalurgist's state of mind, their emotions and their instincts. As Aural Ichor is the easiest of the three types to source, Aural Catalurgists are also the most common.


Genesis Ichor

This Ichor glows softly at all times; the slightly viscous liquid slightly chills any container it is in, and comes in various shifting shades of aquamarine and seafoam green. While Genesis Ichor is always found to be cool, it appears to never freeze and never boil, despite attempts to do so.  
Hazards, Concerns, and Containment
Unlike Aural Ichor, as well as Transmutive Ichor, Genesis Ichor does not react or off-gas any vapours into the air. Instead, this specific type of Ichor reacts quite violently whenever it comes into contact with water. When touching, or submerged, Genesis Ichor will begin to rapidly boil and burn, producing massive plumes of green fire that belch acrid, poisonous smoke. Genesis Ichor is always stored within waterproof and airtight containers, and kept away from all sources of moisture.  
Genesis Catalurgy
Genesis Catalurgy is the magic of creation; for most Catalurgists of this type, this means the creation of temporary matter that lasts for as long as they can hold the object within their mind. These catalurgists are limited by what they can picture within their head -- the more complex visuals they imagine, the more complex items they can create.



Transmutive Ichor

The most otherwordly looking, and acting, of all the types of Ichor; Transmutive Ichor looks to many like some form of liquid crystal, geometric and shimmery in nature. Strange rectangular patterns appear in waves and ripples within the translucent, pink-ish blood. Looking at an object through a tank of this Ichor will show it in different, unexpected colours.  
Hazards, Concerns, and Containment
Transmutive Ichor is similar to Aural Ichor, in the fact that it releases a gas when exposed to the air. This gas is released slowly from Transmutive Ichor, and thus might not be noticed immediately; this gas is very dangerous however, and thus care must be taken to avoid inhalation. If inhaled, the gas will cause vivid hallucinations followed by unconsciousness, and often a coma that few ever wake from.  
Transmutive Catalurgy
Transmutive Catalurgy is a modification magic, used to change the properties of things that a Transmutive Catalurgist understands. Knowing the material and written composition of a book, they can use Catalurgy to change the colour of the cover, the content of the words, or even the shape of the book itself.


It's one of the greatest mysteries that we ponder night after night -- what sort of Ichor does He'an have within them?
Rescuist follower.



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Grandmaster PBE
William Belley
27 Jul, 2021 02:02

Incredibly well detailed article, and the formatting/palcement of galleries adds a ton of plus-value to it. Really impressive.   The genesis ichor feels like it could be a good hazard to throw on opponents in naval warfare, kinda like napalm but for burning a watery zone. Would it be considered by some as such a destructive tool for use ? or is the original 'value' and intent of the ichor too worthwhile to waste on such a plan ?   It was really a nice read that gave me ideas to learn from. Happy Summercamp ! :)

27 Jul, 2021 17:15

Thank you so much, PBE! I had a lot of fun putting this thing together.   Oh, it's absolutely dangerous, but they likely wouldn't want to use it in war! The value of using it outweighs the destructive capabilities it possesses -- though the fact that it turns wildlife into monsters is sorely tempting, and I'm sure some desperate soul in battle has made use of that fact once or twice before.   Thanks again so much :) Happy Summer camp as well!

30 Jul, 2021 19:13

I Love This! It answers all the questions I've been storing away while I've been reading your articles, it's so cleanly laid out, the art is wonderful, and the detail is truly amazing to read. Wonderful, Amazing job :D

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2 Aug, 2021 20:01

That is absolutely fantastic to hear :D I think this is my favourite article to come out of summer camp for me, and one that I've been waiting for a while now to make, so I'm really glad it has answered those questions you had!   Thank you :D

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I love all the different types of Ichor. Lots of great story hooks here.

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That's a really nice article, you've done a great job with it! I love all the amazing illustrations you have for the god :D I'm glad to see all the answer to the question I had about ichor answered here :D   Silly question though, while looking at the images of the gods, I've noticed that some of them have armours, boots or clothes while other appear to have their legs exposed. The second type is going to make ichor extraction easy, but what about the first type? Do they pierce through the armour? Does it regenerate too if damaged or can the harvesters look for previous holes made in it?   Another question: would the types of mind power possessed by the Dream-maker and the salesman be granted by aural ichor? Or one of the other two? It seems to be something rather rare, so I'm now wondering what prevents other people from developing something similar... (unless it's not that rare :p )

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8 Aug, 2021 02:53

Thank you so much! :D That's always the best thing to hear about an overview article like this, that gets referenced in a bunch of other articles :)   The armor and clothing definitely gets in the way! For the most part, it doesn't regenerate (unlike the skin of the God-husks which does) -- so they do like to make use of previously drilled holes, or anything like that that already exists.   It'd definitely be Transmutive! But they exist as very rare, very exceptional transmutists that understand minds enough that they can modify thought. It takes years of intense study of both biology and psychology, in combination of understanding how their own Catalurgy works, to be able to do what they do :)

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Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
18 Aug, 2021 05:31

Great article! The section about how they gather the ichor is mind-blowing. But it makes sense that people would go to such lengths to get their hands on it.

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20 Aug, 2021 23:38

Thank you! It's one of the most valuable and dangerous materials on the planet, makes for some exciting industry built around it :)

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3 Nov, 2021 01:10

This article was an amazing read. It makes everything else I've read about Cathedris stick together much better. The extraction procedure looks terrifying, I don't envy these guys. I loved the aspect of the transmutive ichor! That drawing is amazing.   Are there any theories as to why each god husk has the kind of blood they have? Do people theorize and argue about He'an's ichor type?

3 Nov, 2021 23:14

Oh wow, thank you Nae! :) That's exactly what I like to hear about this kind of article, I'm glad I finally got around to writing it during summer camp!   Most who study the gods and god-husks think that it has to do with what ideals the gods represented during their lives, which are theorized to be self-chosen. Whether their ideals or the ichor within them came first is unknown -- definitely a chicken and the egg type scenario!   There's plenty of arguing over He'ans ichor type too :D Some even think they've got a type unique to themselves, or something with aspects of all 3 ichors.

4 Nov, 2021 12:23

Oooh that's very interesting! I think it's worthy of finding a way to add that into the article!

9 Nov, 2021 19:59

Absolutely! *notes it down for the still upcoming post-summercamp-update this article will be getting*

8 Dec, 2021 05:04

Rad stuff, Stormbril. I like the part where you make the article and then I get to see it. In particular, your illustrations are so distinct and cleanly presented.

12 Dec, 2021 03:54

Haha, thanks Chimera :) I really gotta go back and add the rest of the God-husks to this now!

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