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Perfect balance and parasitic support

I alw's feel bad for Dimiti, out on Bellrose Island, all alone. Well, all alone except for that... thing on 'is back. And all the Rendlings that keep crawlin out from it.
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— Renali Aul'tain, Shattered Isles Local
  Stuck upon one of the larger islands of the country known as the Shattered Isles, Dimiti is in the same state as all other God-husks -- stuck in a mindless loop, executing it until the end of time. Enormous muscles strain beneath matte purple skin, as he strains under the constant weight of the pool of Achromatic Sanguinity upon his back. The God-husk would likely stand among the tallest of all the dead Gods, if it weren't for the massive tumour-like growth keeping him down. Dimiti spends every moment of his existence on nearly all fours, as he keeps the pool level, rarely spilling any of the mysterious liquid within.   From the center of the pool upon Dimiti's back grows a second torso within the pool of luminescent white liquid; generally referred to as "Dimitop" or "Thing" by locals of the Shattered Isles, this second torso is not thought to be a second entity. Instead, Entheologists believe both bodies of Dimiti to be the same Dimiti.  


In the prosperous age before The Seven Day War, Dimiti focused nearly all of his attention into keeping the world balanced. The muscular god felt that his domain was the domain of balance, and fairness. Much to the annoyance of the other 13 gods, Dimiti would ensure he was present for any deal, bargaining, trade, or agreement between the gods, so as to ensure fair trade. Documents recovered from The Comprilith outline Dimiti's habits quite clearly -- any transactions between gods that managed to be recorded always reference Dimiti being there as mediator.  
Dimiti took his attention to balance, and focused it in on everything he did in his life. Research shows that Dimiti in particular enjoyed creating systems; he was fascinated with the input and output of said systems. Much of what the god accomplished has been lost to the ages, though word of the systems he liked to create still exist in spoken record and tradition of the people of the Shattered Isles. Those who call the Isles home claim that their way of live, and rule of law, are traced back all the way to pre-war Dimiti.  
Pure equality's what Dimiti wanted. An eye for an eye sounds like balance, but tha's not what he meant. Pure equality means taking every single factor into account - not just end results.
— Shattered Isles Adjudicator

Scraps from The Comprilith

  • A multitude of various written agreements in varying forms of decomposition, found scattered in one of the lower floors of the Comprilith. Each document was found signed off with "Overseen by Dimiti"
  • A particularly vivid account of Dimiti residing over a theft case. The account was found tucked into the back of a book on an entirely different subject, and details the balance Dimiti found in giving more to the thief in question, despite their crimes. The case is often studied to better understand true balance.
  • A cracked stone tablet, with only the words "...llow the law of Dimiti, withou..." remaining.
  • Birth

    Born on the 2nd day of the 19 Days of Creation.

    Kill Count

    0 gods killed during The Seven Day War.


    Records are un-clear as to which day Dimiti died.

    Killed by

    Stabbed in the back by the goddess Miyu

    Present-day Power


    Dimiti is nearly entirely stationary in modern times. Any movement the god does is slight, as he shuffles about on his hands and knees. Dimiti appears to be confined to the island he is on, as the God-husk avoids the ocean.


    Location of one of the three Rendling hotspots, Dimiti is constantly creating monstrosities that crawl from the pool of Achromatic Sanguinity on his back.


    While large amounts of destruction come as a direct result of the Rendlings spawned from Dimiti, this destruction is not attributed to the God-husk himself. Instead, the ruination done by the God-husk is deemed to be merely the scores of trees that are flattened as Dimiti moves slightly around his island.


    If there is any intelligence or awareness left within Dimiti, it is now hyper focused on a singular task. All of Dimiti's attention to balance has been boiled down to a single point; physical balance, of the pool of liquid on his back. Dimiti responds to no other outside stimuli other than keeping the pool level.


    Scales, Tipped

    Dimiti's Broadsword, Gradata

    This massive 150m long sword iridesces hues of blue and green in the sunlight. It's approximately one Dimiti-hand-width wide, and is most often resting laterally against the ground, as the God-husk uses it to maintain his own balance. The handle is wrapped in strips of soft light leather of unknown origin.

      Records show that Gradata was a gift to Dimiti, from the Winter Giants Codod and Farad. It's unclear as to why the two Gods from the North gifted such a fine weapon to Dimiti, as any notes or records regarding the gift are lost to the ages.


    Maximum Potential

    Gradata is well known, thanks to the spoken history of the people of the Shattered Isles and the documents scavenged from the Comprilith. Many of the scraps found show that it had an aura-like power -- an aura of silence. When Dimiti would reside over cases or act as mediator, stabbing Gradata into the ground would create a zone of silence where he alone could speak. The people of the Shattered Isles have since used a symbolic sword as a "Silence Sword" -- whoever holds the sword and stabs it into the ground gains a silent audience, and a chance to speak their piece.


    Current Power

    Dimiti's sword appears to be powerless in modern times. Whether this means the power came from within Dimiti the whole time, or that the sword is broken as well, is unclear. Dimiti's sword has been the site of countless expeditions, in attempts to take samples of the giant sword -- most of these have ended in failure, due to the large population of Rendlings nearby.

    Scraps from The Comprilith

  • Half of a recorded song, detailing the event when Codod and Farad gifted Dimiti with Gradata. The song appears to only cover the giving of the gift its self -- any parts pertaining as to why the gift was given are still lost.
  • "Case Log 1123 - Two weeks of silence". This log was found near the very top of the Comprilith, before the upper floors were lost to fire. The case log appears to be dictated by T'kalia, and recorded by one of his followers.
  • "The fourth personal log of the god Dimiti." Only one personal log of this kind has ever been found, sparking an intense interest in finding more. The personal log details the inner workings of Dimiti's mind, as he explains his reasoning behind his verdict over a murder case.
  • That.... monster Miyu ruined our Dimiti. She betrayed his support, and literally stabbed him in the back. Stabbed him in the spot where that thing "Dimitop" would eventually grow out of.
    — Jennai Kol'Ean , Shattered Isles
    People of the Shattered Isles have an intense dislike for another nearby God-husk -- the ex-Goddess Miyu, from the nearby country of Hansun, where she walks in loops near the western shores of the country. This area is also shared by the Legionnaire headquarters; the planet wide military force tasked with handling the Rendlings.   During The Seven Day War, Miyu used her long reach, and long spears, to stab Dimiti when his back was turned, while they talked on Bellrose Island. She punctured his spine, and left him to die there. As Dimiti's life force left his body, the tumour-like growth spread from his back, until he became the God-husk he is today.
      The island that Dimiti now resides on, Bellrose Island, has become something of a no-go zone for all but those enlisted in the Legion. Deific and Faunal Rendlings spawn from the liquid on Dimiti's back, ensuring the island is a hotspot for Rendling activity. The island is under constant surveillance by the Legion, ensuring that no Rendlings make it off the island.   Wildlife has taken on a strange form on Bellrose island, as it's been forced to evolve for thousands of years to compete and survive with Rendlings side by side. Most carnivores died out rapidly when the Rendlings began spawning from Dimiti, as they could not compete with the god-like monsters and creatures. Many of the remaining animals are small, adept at hiding, and herbivores. Unlucky animals that stray too close to Dimiti are sometimes splashed with some of the liquid from Dimiti's back, rapidly corrupting them into another Faunal Rendling.


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