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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a children's tale or song based on a real event
A total of 202 entries

The Tale of the Silver Shield

The boy who saved Thunder Dunes

Prompt 26: The Tale of the Brothers of Balance

Crowhel the Valiant: A Tale of Courage and Honor

How the Ancients made de dwarves

Das Lied von Hydros' Reise

Illadrias Vow : The Tale of Lyra's Last Stand

Tomorrow Belongs to Me ... British 2085

The First Itera and the Field of Dreams

Sea Shanty: Spirits of the Sea

Metilthian Working Caste Skipping Rhyme

The Goddesses and the Magic Eater

Distant Voyager by Anatoal Silverhawk

Les gentils sont souvent au service du Mal

Zephyr'Lyra's Lament The Lost Moon's Radiant Farewell

Story of Helga the Helpful Halfling

Be Wary, Be Merry, Don't be Contrary

The angels of the courtyard

Golden Bridge is Waking Up

Deliverance of The Falling Star

A children's game, or the history of our world?

Wardo, el coleccionista de rostros

"Then all the Waters Rise Up", a Children's Song