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On the Heroes

A millennia old Children's tale, still told

The tale is nothing but a propaganda piece, wilfully picked up by an untold number of children every year. A masterful move by the Federal Government, yet an immoral one, and one that should be rectified.   And just how do you intend to 'rectify' such an issue? The story has become folklore, and most need not even a transcript to tell it.
  On the Heroes is a Federation children's tale, first told during the opening years of the 2nd Galactical War. The tale depicts a group of soldiers - the titular heroes of the tale's title, who venture far from their homes to defend those who remain. While widely considered and known as a propaganda piece of the Federation Federal Government and the Federation Armed Forces, the story has remained popular and is credited with inspiring many young children to join the Military, or at the very least the police force.   It is unclear who first wrote the tale, though they are believed to have been a member of staff to a representative within the Federal Government during the 2nd Galactical War. The over four decades-long conflict would take numerous lives, and even with billions at their disposal, manpower issues became relatively commonplace. On the Heroes was one of many methods by which new and upcoming recruits could begin to cycle through the ranks, an immoral way perhaps, but an effective one, and in the eyes of the Federation Government, a necessary one.
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