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Federation - Ethnicities

Bloody Iomharians, can't trust them to do anything right
- A Raybien Shipbuilder
  The Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets is made up of thousands of planets, each planet is loosely based into a sector ethnicity (eg. Iomharian for the Iomhare sector), which are made up of planetary ethnicities, and finally the individual ethnic groups that make up the Galaxy of Astraesto.   Due to the sheer amount of ethnic groups within the Federation, the people living within its borders are generally referred to simply as being 'Federation', especially if knowledge of their actual ethnicity is unknown. Due to Iomhare's place as the first Federation sector, Iomharian is occasionally used as demonym in foreign nations, or as a form of disdain for the Federation and its peoples as a whole.      
  • Iomharian
  • Adiri
  • Anfiedish
  • Beonine
  • Canarier
  • Cerolite
  • Envien
  • Opharian
  • Retriconan
  • Tolean
  • Raybien
  • Serdican
  • Austran
  • Engonian

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