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Federation Federal Intelligence Service

The domestic branch of federation intelligence

Federation Federal Intelligence, the domestic branch of the Federation's intricate spy network. It is through the work of the agents of this organisation, that the Federation's union will be able to withstand millennia, even as nations around it crumble.
- Unknown, 4755AC
  The Federation Federal Intelligence Service (FIS), often shortened to Federation Federal Intelligence, is the primary domestic intelligence and security branch of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. Its principle goal is to combat espionage across Federation Space, where it often combats Jeraci Central Intelligence. In addition to an anti-espionage role, the FIS is also tasked with the prevention of terror attacks, and the investigation of corruption. The latter role is usually done in coordination with Federation Federal Police, who usually deal with the brunt of any investigation. Federal Intelligence answers to the Ministry of National Intelligence, where it is overseen by a Federal Government lead oversight committee, and a designated minister, currently Brett Darcy. The organisation is headquartered at Thompson Hall on Krennic, in the Austra Sector.   The FIS was formed in 4102AC alongside Federation Secret Intelligence, after the disbandment of the Governmental Arm of Intelligence, which had served as the Federation's sole and principle intelligence organisation for most of its history. Several roles of the Governmental Arm of Intelligence's domestic branch and the Federal Police were given to the new organisation.   A heavily modular organisation, Federation Federal Intelligence is spread across every Sectors of the Federation, and has a presence in all of its controlled territory - including outer Astraestoean territories like Sanoliad, and Galactic protectorates. Planetary and Sector Chiefs are given wide autonomy, though ultimately answer to the Director of Federation Federal Intelligence Mike Lewis. It is fairly common for Federal Intelligence Field Agents to join the Federation Armed Forces on an advisory basis, as occured during the 4760 Kidnapping Crisis and the resulting Operation Sanctuary Task Force.

In Defence of the Nation


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