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Governmental Arm of National Intelligence

Controversial, uncontrollable, but undeniably effective, often brutally so

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Twelve now confirmed dead sir, twenty-six more injured, most seriously. GANI have tracked the explosives to one Lorus Marks, awaiting your order to engage.
That was quick, how the hell did they find that out so quickly?
I got the feeling it wasn't a question I wanted an answer too sir, but they are certain in their information.
FFP Officers Lazlan & Matriao
  The Governmental Arm of National Intelligence (GANI) was the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets intelligence service from 3977 to 4102. It was succeeded by Federation Federal Intelligence in domestic matters, and Federation Secret Intelligence in foreign affairs. The organisation has been referred to as the Federation Secret Police, and has been accused of numerous war crimes and atrocities.   It served as a foreign and domestic intelligence service for the Federation. During the 2nd Galactical War it gained immense power, and was widely condemned for its oppressive practices during the War. Agents of the Governmental Arm of Intelligence were instrumental in the Assassination of Prince Arwik. As well as in the Attack on the FCBC, in which they assisted Federation Army and Federation Navy troops in the defence of the Federation Central Base Command.   The Organisation was officially dissolved in 4102. The actions that were undertaken by the Governmental Arm of Intelligence still influences Federation doctrine today.

3977 - 4102

Secret, Government
Parent Organization
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