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Federation Army

The navy always gets the credit. But the hardest and harshest battles are always fought by the army.
  The Federation Federal Army (FFA) is the principal land combat branch of the Federation Armed Forces. It is the largest and most technologically advanced ground-based military force in the Galaxy of Astraesto. Alongside tens of millions of active-duty personnel, the Federation Army deploys a variety of other ground combat units, including tanks, APCs, artillery, trucks, and many more, as well as several aerial units, such as hovercraft.   Alongside the Federation Navy and the Federation Air Force, the Federation Army was founded a day after the formation of the Federation of Iomhare. With the formation of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, the Republic of Raybia would adds its military strength to Iomhare, including its Ground Defence Force, doubling the size of the Federation Army. This process would continue as the Federation rapidly expanded its territory over the 3rd and 4th millenniums, until it became the 2nd largest in the galaxy, with only the Imperial Army of Jerace being its rival.   The Federation Army found itself often snuffed by the Federation Federal Government, in favour of the Navy, for the vast majority of its history. But with the beginning of the 2nd Galactical War and the utter failures of the Federation's Naval apparatus to defend the nation from the Imperial Navy of Jerace, all this changed. As the Navy suffered horrific defeats, the Army was the only thing keeping the nation was collapsing, at least in the eyes of the people. After the 2nd Battle for New Nampon, the entire military structure of the Federation was reformed, most importantly putting the army, navy, and air force under the Federation Armed Forces, therefore ensuring they were all able to coordinate properly. Even still, the war would take several more decades before the Federation began to see success, with the Invasion of Iomhare being the generally accepted point at which the Federation began to win the war. During the invasion, Federation Army troops were vital in the Battle of Envis, where they held the line long enough for the Federation Navy to decisively win the Battle for Anfieden, and reinforce Envis. What followed was a complete demolition of the Empire of Jerace's military, the Fall of Moneyye and the destruction of The Imperial Palace would lead to Jerace's surrender, and an overall victory for the Pact of Anfieden in the 2nd Galactical War.   The Federation Army is a part of the Federation Armed Forces, specifically under the Department of National Defence. The majority of Federation ground Special Forces units are then organized under the Federation Army, though they are granted a degree of freedom, similar to that given to the Federation Navy Marine Corp. The Army is led by Army Chief of Staff Amy Envato, and Jack Lorens - the civilian Secretary of the Federal Army, both of whom are subordinate to the Secretary of the Military. All major Federation military organisations are headquartered at Federation Central Base Command on Anfieden, including the Army, although much like the Navy, many other locations are used as Sector or Regional headquarters.  



Federation of Iomhare


Iomhare-Raybia Union


Further Expansion


2nd Galactical War


Present Day


Enlisted Ranks of the Federation
Enlisted Ranks of the Federation by Blocky
Enlisted Ranks of the Federation Federal Army (From left to right: Private, Junior Corporal, Corporal, Senior Corporal, Sergeant, Sergeant Major)

Operating Commands


Active Armies and Commanders




Organisation Structure


Special Forces Units





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Military, Army
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Grand Army of the Federation, Federation Ground Forces
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Cool article, really tells a lot bout the organization. Personally, I would like to know more about the organization of the whole thing, ad the civilian leadership vs military leadership divide. Over all, great article! If you're willing, you could check out the article I wrote about my world's Army: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/the-12-worlds-thearchmagos/a/the-united-commonwealth-army-organization?preview=true