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Minister of the Armed Forces

The Government Minister in charge of the Federation Military

I, Andrea Alix Hanna Noruma, do solemnly swear, upon this Union we hold dear, to uphold in perpetuity my allegiance to this Federation. I will serve diligently, and effectively, as befits a minister of our glorious nation.
- MCP Andrea Noruma
  The Federal Minister of the Armed Forces of the Federation, alternatively the Minister of Defence, is the head of the Ministry of the Military, the controlling body for the Federation Armed Forces. The primary duty of the Minister of the Armed Forces is to ensure the Federation Federal Government's military policy is adhered to, often through the appointment of the various military branch citizen commanders, including the Citizen General of the Federation Federal Army and Federation Federal Air Force, and the Secretary of the Federation Interstellar Navy. The Minister and Ministry is not directly involved in military strategy, however, is involved in ensuring the cooperation and coordination of the Federation Military's several branches. The role of the Secretary of the Armed Forces completes the diarchy of control of the Federation Military and is charged with the direct control and management of the Federation's elaborate military complex.   The Minister of the Armed Forces serves by the confidence of the Federation Federal Congressional Body, and the President of the Federation, the latter of which is charged with the initial appointment for the role. The role is often considered one of the most powerful Ministerial appointments within the executive branch of the Federation Federal Government, and as such the Minister is often heavily scrutinised for any and all of their actions. Under Federation law, a single Minister of the Armed Forces can serve in the role for no longer than six years, although by common convention Ministers tend to serve for two to four years, with a single Presidential term often seeing four consecutive Ministers of the Armed Forces.   The current Minister of the Armed Forces is Andrea Noruma, who was appointed to the post following the death of the previous minister - Mahlik Foster, during the FNV Porter Hijacking & Attacks. Tasked with responding to a large number of wide-ranging disasters and crisies, Noruma has been generally regarded as an impressive and forceful leader of the Federation Military. This is despite serving as the organisation's face following a wide number of war crimes commited by Federation troops against Greater Jenmoreneat, following the FNV Porter Attacks.
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