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Federation Politician

A Federation Politician is any individual involved in party politics, though is usually a person holding an elected office, whether that be in the Federation Federal Government or Local Government. Politicians create, support, propose, and reject laws within the Federation. In the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, politicians are elected to government through a preferential voting system, from hundreds of political parties across all of Federation Space.   The earliest Federation politicians served in the planetary governments of Iomhare before the region's unification with the Federation of Iomhare. Many government officials would continue to serve in the Federation. Elections were held, with the majority of previous officials remaining in office, alongside many new politicians.   Some of the most well known Federation Politicians have been Presidents of the Federation. These men and women often leave long lasting legacies, some of which have remained through mellenia. Presidents like Gelran Belfust, Maxwell Blayen, and Emily Raien are some of these Presidents. The executive cabinet of the Federation has also provided many famous politicians, especially from Ministers of the Armed Forces. Other roles that Federation Politicians fill include Planetary Governors and Sector Governors.


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