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Sector of Iomhare (Eye-om-harr)

The founding sector of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets

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Were this Sector to fall, so too would our Union. It is the chief role of every one of you to ensure such a fate does not befall the nation. Let every man and woman do their part, let the guns of our grand navy guard us, let the aircraft fly through both air and space, and let the stars of our flag fly true, unbothered by the aspirations of a dying empire. You all fight for Iomhare, for Raybia, Indentre, Emergence, Ukalen, Peleus, or dozens of other sectors. Fight for them, and for the Federation.
- Fleet Admiral Elaine J. Kyra, the Invasion of Iomhare, 4029AC
  To declare any Sector of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets stronger or more influential than its capital Sector of Iomhare is absurd. The power the Sector holds is more than entire nations, and is unbelievably rich and prosperous. Iomhare has been the site of numerous galaxy-changing events, though is most famous for its role as the founding Sector - alongside Raybia, of the Federation. While the planet Anfieden serves as the national capital, Envis - an ecumenopolis often regarded as the single most powerful planet in the Galaxy, is the Sector Capital. From its seat of power in Iomhare, the Federation is able to fully express its Galactic dominance and Hegemony.   The region is also among the safest in both Federation Space and the Galaxy of Astraesto, with an enormous Federation Navy presence in the sector, including the 1st Sector Fleet, the 1st System Fleet, and the Iomhare Defence Fleet. The combined strength of all these fleets has caused piracy to be near non-existent. Alongside the Navy, the rest of the Federation Armed Forces patrol the Sector in huge numbers, with the Federation Army and Federation Air Force holding a significant presence on every inhabited planet in Iomhare. The only consequential threat to the Sector or its planets are terrorist attacks, which have only grown more frequent since the success of the FNV Porter Hijacking & Attacks on Envis, and the continuing Federation-Jenmoreneat War - as it shifts from a conventional .   Beyond Envis and Anfieden, another 94 planets are located within the Sector, spread out across five star systems, Aladran, Jelren, Beon, Cerol and Ophare. Of the Sector's 96 planets, 13 are fully colonised, although numerous others have some sort of Human presence, usually scientific. Beyond the National and Sector Capitals, other noteworthy planets in the Sector include Retricon, Canari, Cerol II, and Tolea.     FULL REWRITE NEEDED


The Iomhare Sector is made up of 5 separate Star Systems, all located relatively close together. 3 of the 5 Star Systems contain only a single star, but the Cerol system is a trinary star system, and Ophare is binary.   All of the inhabited planets are located within their star's Goldilocks Zone and they are all (with one exception) considered continental worlds. Anfieden a medium sized planets has 8 continents, while larger planets sometimes reach over the double digit mark. Most of the other planets look indistinguishable to Anfieden, all of them Class M planets (again with the exception of one).  


  Tolea is the exception. Unlike the Class M planets that make up the rest of the sector, Tolea is a Class R planet. A rogue planet, Tolea has travelled the Galaxy for many years, before arriving in Iomhare around 3,000 years ago. For reasons that have astounded astronomers the planet has never left Iomhare. It has not remained in any one star system for ever, but neither has it left any of the 5 that the Federation has classed as the Sector of Iomhare. Before it was inhabited it was often considered an omen of good luck - being known as Volantem Petram or Flying Rock in Ancient Latin, it was said that if Tolea was seen in the skies your planet would grow rich with wealth and power.   Astronomers eventually realized that Tolea frequented the habitable zones of the 8 Iomharian Stars, and many thought that it may be able to sustain a proper colony. After several failed attempts finally a colony was established. Through the use of giant domes the people could survive should the planet travel outside of the stars' habitable zones. When the suns were close, the atmosphere was sufficient enough that you could travel the entire planet. A mystery that has continued on through the years is the existence of trees and grass, suspiciously alive. Some have speculated that they may have different methods of survival during periods of time away from stars, a hibernation of sorts, as they do not grow during this time. Only when close to the stars do the plants and trees and grass grow. Whatever the reason, Tolea has stayed beautiful during all the millennia it has stayed in Iomhare and it now holds a population of hundreds of thousands, more than anyone had ever thought possible.  

Iomharian Stars

The stars of each system that makes up Iomhare are collectively referred to as the eight Iomharian Stars. The names of these stars became the names used for the star systems of Iomhare. Among the 5 systems, 3 of the stars are unary, 1 system is binary, and another is trinary.     
  • Class O
  • Class B (2) - Cerol A3, Beon
  • Class A (1) - Jelran
  • Class F
  • Class G (4) - Aladran, Cerol A1, Cerol A2, Ophare A1
  • Class K (1) - Ophare A2
  • Class M
  • History

    Early History

      Before Iomhare became the centre of one of the largest nations in human history, it was simply an out of the way grouping of planets that was apart of The Colony of Man. Anfieden was discovered around a hundred years after humanity arrived in Astraesto. The discovery of Anfieden is considered the official discovery of Iomhare as well, although planets like Retricon were discovered first.   Finding Anfieden was a great boon to the Colony of Man. Anfieden was easily habitatable, with a stable atmosphere and climate, and was in a strategic location for future exploration into the Galaxy. The oldest among the colonists, those who had survived well into their hundreds told of how similar Anfieden was to The Homeland. Colonists were quick to flock to this new planet, and Anfieden quickly grew. As well as Anfieden, other habitable planets were quickly found and also colonised, many of these planets eventually becoming part of Iomhare.   For the two thousand years that the Colony of Man ruled the Galaxy Iomhare thrived. The region was known as New Sol to most at the time, and the name would persist until the destruction of the Colony of Man at the hands of the 1st Empire of Jerace.   With the colony's government decimated, and most of it's military destroyed, they had no choice but to surrender. Effectively giving the Jeraci Empire free reign across all of Astraesto. New Sol took this especially harshly, Anfieden was one of many planets that had been attacked during the war and it had been hit hard. As had nearly all the other inhabited planets in the sector. This would lead to a rivalry and hatred of Jerace, that has continued on to this day, with the 4th Empire of Jerace.  

    The Federation

      In the year 2643 the The Federation of Iomhare was officially founded. Gelran Belfust, a native of Anfieden was the first President of the Federation, and is considered the founder of both the Federation of Iomhare, and the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets.
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    Iomhare Defence Fleet
    Organization | Mar 27, 2023

    The Defence Fleet for the Federation Capital Sector of Iomhare

    The Federation pours a significant amount of manpower and ships into the Iomhare Defence Fleet. Envis provides the most ships due to the presence of large ship building production facilities on the planet.   There are two Federation Fleets that fall under the jurisdiction of the Iomhare Defence Force, the 1st and 4th Fleets. These Fleets are then supported by the ships from Envis. The two Federation Fleets are an integral part of the Sector's defence and are considered a part of the Iomhare Defence Fleet by almost all military officials.

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