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President of the Federation

The head of the most powerful nation in the Galaxy

The role is a testing one, and is vastly effective at destroying those that claim it. For to rule the Galactic Sovereign is to be the leader of the Human race, and the final determiner of Galactic affairs.
— Unknown
  The President of the Federation, officially the Federal President of the Union, is the Head of Government and the State of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, as well as the chief commander of the Federation military. It was previously used by The Federation of Iomhare in the same capacity before it's turn into the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets.   The power the presidency holds has stayed the same throughout all of Federation history, only being enhanced during times of great political unrest or war. The President of the Federation is one of the most powerful figures on the galactic stage, and has become an important role in galactic politics.   President Liam Black is the current incumbent President of the Federation. He is the ___ president and a member of the Party of Democracy.   The Party of Democracy has by far the largest amount of presidential victories and time spent in office. The second biggest party, the ___ Party has been considered far weaker than the P.O.D for most of history, but has slowly been gaining more support among the Federation, increasing on nearly every world, save Iomhare, a bastion for the Party of Democracy.

Notable Holders

Gelran Belfust  - The first President of the Federation, Belfust was instrumental in the Founding of the Federation. It was with his diplomatic skill, that Anfieden was able to unite even old rivals like Envis and Canari. His presidency is considered one of the greatest, and led to the second greatest expansion in Federation history. With only the later presidency of Maxwell Blayen leading to more.   Maxwell Blayen - Apart from Belfust, perhaps the most well renowned president in history was Maxwell Blayen. He was the second official president of the Federation. As previously stated his presidency holds the record for the most amount of territory gained, with nearly 100 new sectors joining the new entity.    Blayen's great grandson would eventually also take the post of President and would end up serving for 40 years just like Maxwell. While the Blayen familiy has never held a presidency again, they have become one of the largest political families, and are a formidible force in Federation politics, all thanks to Maxwell Blayen, 2 millennia ago.
Civic, Political
Still In Use
Length of Term
8 Year Term
Current Holders
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