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Michael Oberyn

President of a Divided Nation

President Michael Hayden Oberyn

I would see the nation fractured into a thousand pieces before I let these traitors hold any of it  
- Michael Oberyn
  Of all the Presidents of the Federation, there are few who were more controversial than Michael Oberyn. A Raybien, Oberyn was born on Etania, but lived on Serdica from a young age. While he is most well known as President, Oberyn had been an elected politician for four decades before his elevation to the presidency, which included a term as Minister of the Armed Forces. He succeeded Lara Barerra as President, being elected to the position in the 3460 Presidential election. Oberyn is most well known for his role in fermenting the 1st Federation Civil War, and his subsequent role in leading the loyalist Oberynite faction against the rebel Andisiens.   After his victory in the 3460 election, Oberyn became increasingly vilified throughout the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, most often by the working classes of Anfieden. The most notable opponent to Oberyn was Aradio Andis, a well respected figure for the people of Anfieden, as an independent senator for the planet. The two would develop a deep hatred for one another as Oberyn continued his Presidency, with Andis becoming a beacon for the vast majority of progressive and left-leaning politicians in the Federation Federal Government. As the years passed, Oberyn became increasingly described as an authoritarian, as his majority government passed many bills into law - a large number of which proved controversial.   Eventually, the Andis Revolt broke out on Anfieden, initially beginning as a large protest, but quickly turning into a riot. Oberyn, and the Planetary Governor of Anfeiden, ordered drastic measures to halt the protesters, including mobilizing a portion of the 1st Army of the Federation. Aradio Andis would die during the subsequent fighting, with his death considered an unfortunate accident by the authorities, although many saw it as an extrajudicial killing of a political opponent by Oberyn. Aradio daughter, Elissa Andis was another vital figure in the revolt, and soon after it was quelled, she was sentenced to death. The death of the 27-year-old would lead to the beginning of the 1st Federation Civil War, and the end of Oberyn's administration.  

Personal History


Early Life

  Michael Hayden Oberyn was born on the planet of Etania, in the Federation sector of Raybia in 3393AC. While he was young his family moved to Serdica, as his mother was a servicewoman in the Federation Interstellar Navy.   Oberyn would himself join the Federation Armed Forces, joining the Federation Federal Army when he was 25. He was considered an exceptional leader from a young age and rapidly rose the ranks of the 4th Army of the Federation to become a brigade lieutenant. However, before he could be promoted even further, he was recalled to Serdica, where he was transferred to the 2nd Army, where he was appointed as the personal aid to the General in charge. He would remain in this role until he left the Armed Forces, pursuing a political career.  

Senator for Serdica

  Following his decade-long decorated service in the Federation Armed Forces, Oberyn was considered a prime candidate by the Liberal Party of the Federation. He quickly saw success when he ran for the senatorship of Serdica, decisively winning against his opponents, in a result that many found surprising - especially as the Liberal Party saw severe loses in many other elections. He would quickly prove an able politician in the wake of his victory, and proved popular with the Serdican population.   With their costly defeats across all levels of government, the Liberal Party would fracture into several new groups. Even despite his limited experience in government, Oberyn would come to lead one of these groups, and quickly gained large levels of support from the fractured base of the Liberals. Another former Liberal, Lara Barerra, had similar success, leading his own party. Marnus Braithwaite was yet another charismatic leader who arose from the ashes.   The three new leaders of the fractured remnants of the Liberal Party soon came together in a coalition government, it was agreed, that as the senior politician, Barerra would lead the alliance, with Braithwaite becoming his deputy. Oberyn - while granted certain concessions as a leader of a major part of the coalition, was ultimately left as the minor party in the union.   Against all odds, the unified party would win the majority of seats in the 3444 Presidential Election - after a close, yet ultimately unsuccessful run in 3436, with Barerra, elected the President of the Federation, and Braithwaite the Deputy President of the Federation. Seeking to reward Oberyn for his continued support, Barerra named him the new Minister of the Armed Forces.  

Minister of the Armed Forces


President of the Federation


1st Federation Civil War


Later Life and Death

Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
3393 AC 3482 AC 89 years old
Aligned Organization
Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets
Organization | Apr 10, 2024

The Bastion of Democracy, the Federation is one of the many nations that make up the Galaxy of Astraesto, and the most powerful.

Federation Federal Government
Organization | Mar 8, 2024

The highest level of government in the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets

Organization | Dec 31, 2023

The faction aligned with the Federation Federal Government during the 1st Federation Civil War, in support of President Michael Oberyn



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