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An important planet of the modern Federation, culturally and histoically significant

Ah Serdica, capital of Raybia, the Jewel of Astraesto it was once called, though I doubt it is any longer. Once beautiful valleys, plateaus, mountains and so much more, have since given way to mass urbanisation, on a scale surpassed only by Envien.
— Unknown
The planet Serdica is one of several planets in the history of the Galaxy of Astraesto that have played a significant role in many major events. The capital planet for the Federation Sector of Raybia, Serdica has long spearheaded the delicate balance of power between the Iomharian planets of Anfieden and then Envis, and the thousands of other planets of the Federation. The planet has become one of the grandest cultural icons of the modern Federation, and is a tourist hotspot, with billions visiting every year. The site of many historic conflicts and battles, significant areas remain on Serdica where the scars of war can still be felt.
The terrestrial planet of Serdica was first discovered in 87AC by the TES Determination, and its captain Shiva Jafari. Serdica was rapidly made a planet of interest for the expanding New Terran Republic, as it was naturally habitable, and was limited in dangerous and hostile fauna and flora. The planet was also described as having one of the most beautiful natural environments yet seen in the Galaxy. Just a year following its initial discovery, the TCS Aurora made landfall on the planet, marking the official beginning of Humanity's colonisation of the planet.   Since its initial colonisation over four millennia ago, Serdica has been involved in a large number of Galactic events. Most prominently, it revealed itself as a galactic battleground, with dozens of conflicts involving battles on the planet in some way. Remarkably, the planet's surface remained relatively intact, even as missile fire rained down on the planet. Such was its strength of beauty, that Serdica was nicknamed the Jewel of Astraesto, and many began to consider it untouchable to humanity's weapons of war and destruction. Eventually, however, even Serdica had to admit defeat.
In the largest, and concluding battle of the 1st Federation Civil War, the Liberation of Serdica, the Andisiens and Oberynites annihilated the planet. The Andisiens, desperate to end the conflict that had consumed the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets for years, and the Obernites, who even in their final months, refused to give in. For perhaps the first time, Serdica was met by a conflict in which the opposing sides truly despised one another, and in their battle, they certainly proved it. In the battle's conclusion, the Andisiens claimed victory, but in their quest to liberate the Federation, they had killed and destroyed Serdica, the planet lay ruined, its once eternal beauty shattered, broken, and lost, never to return.   In the following decades and later centuries, Serdica's cities were repaired, and the population only increased even after the most devastating battle in its history. But the terrain could never be remade, such was its devastation. Eventually, it came that cities required additional space, and the decision was made, at last, to destroy what remnants of the past remained. A vast construction effort saw the Jewel remade into a steel metropolis, with small isolated pockets, carefully remade and cared for, serving as parks and walking trails, the last relic of that time in Serdica's history.

Planetary Overview

An urban beast, home to buildings that rival anything found on Envis, some indeed have elements that enchant and allure, yet the feeling that the world is out of balance is stronger here than anywhere else in the Galaxy of Astraesto.
— Lucius Rhodes
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While not an ecumenopolis, a significant portion of the planetary surface of Serdica is urban, centring around several city centres, the largest of which is Serdica City - the capital of the planet. The remaining surface not dominated by an extensive urban sprawl are plains or smaller hills. However, even these areas are not safe from Human conquest, being used for a wide range of agricultural uses.   While Serdica City is the largest city on the planet, the cities of Vandimir and Lotharn are highly specialized manufacturary cities, with the two cities building consumer goods that are used across all of Federation Space, though most remain within Raybia. While small, the two cities are also responsible for the planet's shipbuilding industry, focused primarily on civilian transports.
The final major city of Serdica, Sanare, serves as a tourism beacon, with the city tailor-made to be as attractive as possible to outsiders. Sanare itself has only a population in the tens of millions but attracts billions from across the Galaxy. Among the most important icons and sites within Sanare are the Planetary Gardens, the Andisien Rise Statue, and the Steelshadow.

Major Locations


Planetary Hall

A rather quaint structure for one of the most powerful planets in the Federation, don't you think?
I believe it's meant to be a statement to Envien sir. Something about unnecessary construction.
It seems rather stupid to me, besides, Naval Command is within eyesight, and that's almost as big as the Congressional Assembly.
A surface-level statement then sir, one that falls apart if you look any closer.
Yes, well, no one ever said the Serdicans were the smartest, did they?
— Captain Mendoza and Officer Hertel
The Planetary Hall of Serdica is the principal meeting point for the Planetary Government of Serdica, and the Raybien Sector Government. Despite the importance of the Raybia Sector to the Federation, as a founding member, the Planetary Hall is relatively small and is incapable of simultaneous meetings of the Planetary and Sector Governments. This was an intentional decision, as the building was built following the construction of the Envien Congressional Assembly, which was argued to be unreasonably large, especially as meetings of the Planetary Government of Envis don't utilize the Assembly.

Interstellar Command

There's a reason all other nations use a decentralised naval strategy. Only the Federation is rich enough to contain enough communication tech in a single complex to reach half the Galaxy, the mere thought would bankrupt even Imperial Jerace.
— Unknown
Interstellar Command, or Federation Interstellar Navy Base Command, is the central headquarters and administrational capital of the Federation Interstellar Navy, the most powerful space navy in the galaxy. The building is one of the largest Federal structures in the Federation and can simultaneously command over 5000 individual naval vessels, across thousands of lightyears.   Nearly every aspect of the Federation Navy is represented in the Interstellar Command building in some way. Even civilian-based organisations like the Astronomical Rescue & Recovery Service are contained within it. The building is therefore regarded as one of the most important locations within the Federation and is heavily guarded by Military forces.


    Astrographical Information
  • Serdica
  • Serdico
  • Anislana
Physical Information
Diameter 13,112 kilometres
Atmosphere Type A+1
Primary Climate Temperate / Tropical
Primary Terrain Plains / Hills
Societal Information
Native Species  
  • None
Non-Native Species
  • Human
  • Numerous Domesticated Species
Official Language
  • Serdica Planetary Government
  • Raybia Sector Government
  • Federation Federal Government
  • 312 Billion
  • Serdican
Major Cities  
  • Serdica City
  • Vandimir
  • Lotharn
  • Sanare
Planetary Laws and Legality
Planetary Citizenship
  • Jus Sanguinis
  • 24 Months Minimum
Federation Immigration
  • Open Borders
Galactic Immigration
  • Limited Restrictions
Age of Work
  • 17.5
Age of Drinking
  • 19
Age to Drive 
  • 16
Age to Drive 
  • 22
Location under
Included Locations
Ruling/Owning Rank


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