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Federation Astronomical Rescue & Recovery Service

The Federation Astronomical Rescue & Recovery Service (A.R.R.S) or alternatively Federation Space Search & Rescue (SSR), is the largest Search, Rescue and Recovery organisation within the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. While technically an independent organisation, the A.R.R.S is heavily subsidized by Federation Navy manpower and equipment - including space-faring vessels.   The exact organisation structure of the A.R.R.S varies by Federation Sector and planet. Planets inside the Federation are not even required to recognise the A.R.R.S as their Search and Rescue organisation, and may instead create their own to serve a similar purpose. In general though, most sectors have a A.R.R.S unit per Space Station, allowing them to quickly respond to emergencies.   Despite being classified as a Search, Rescue and Recovery organisation, the "Search" role of the service is near impossible to perform, with unfathomable regions of space that any lone ship could find itself lost within. Thus, the role of the A.R.R.S is usually confined to rescuing stranded ships that are still able to send distress signals, and to salvage derelict ones - usually long after their crews have passed away.   On occasion, the A.R.R.S joins the Federation Armed Forces in operations throughout Federation Space, almost always the Federation Navy. Recently, A.R.R.S members assisted in the very first stages of the 4760 Kidnapping Crisis. The A.R.R.S was the first to arrive to the scene of Lando D.B. Marshall's kidnapping by the 83rd Attack Group, they would then alert the rest of the Navy to the situation, who then formed the Operation Sanctuary Task Force.
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Federation Space Search & Rescue
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