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Envien Group

A organisation hidden from even the highest ranked officials of the Federation

Mr President! Can you tell us any more of this so-called Envien Group? What is your connection to them?  
I don't listen to rumours, and neither should you, an "Envien Group" does not and has not existed. And I most certainly do not have a connection to them.
— FNN Reporter and President Liam Black
  Envien Group is a media given name to a secretive government agency of the Federation Federal Government. The exact purpose and makeup of the Group is completely unknown, though a wide range of theories has been introduced throughout the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. It is widely believed that Federation Federal Intelligence and Federation Secret Intelligence are in some way involved in the group - a potentially illegal action by Secret Intelligence if the group performs domestic actions. As with most of the organisation, the leadership of Envien Group is unknown.   The most widely accepted theory in regards to the group, is that they guard a number of major secrets about the Federation. What these secrets are is a complete mystery, though some are believed to be related to a number of recent events and tragedies, including the cause of the Korana War, and why the Federation Navy was unprepared for the FNV Porter Hijacking & Attacks.
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