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Federation Secret Intelligence Service

The Federation Secret Intelligence Service (FSIS) or Federation Secret Intelligence Organisation, is the primary foreign intelligence branch of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. The primary goal of the Organisation is to gather, process and analyse national security information from foreign entities across the Galaxy. The FSIS is an semi-independent organisation, under the Ministry of Intelligence  The FSI has very limited domestic law enforcement jurisdiction across the Federation, with that role instead falling to Federation Federal Intelligence. FSI meanwhile, is focused primarily upon foreign information gathering. What little domestic law enforcement capabilities it does have, are incredibly regulated, and require the express permission of both the FFI Director, and the Director of National Intelligence to be performed. Domestic law enforcement capabilities have only been granted in the most dire of national emergencies, such as the 4763 Spaldien Missile Scare, where FSI and FFI agents raced against the clock, to disarm over 20 nuclear warheads, before they destroyed the capital city of Spaldei  Formed in 4102 in the wake of the disbandment of the Governmental Arm of Intelligence, the FSI has grown to become the largest foreign intelligence service in the Galaxy. Although often criticized for its harsh methods of obtaining intelligence, the FSI usually justifies it by saying their primary opponent - Jeraci Central Intelligence, uses much harsher methods. Many have brought up the parallels to the Governmental Arm of Intelligence, and how it was retired due to the methods they used, with many Presidents even threatening disbandment should controversy continue. Nevertheless, the organisation continues to do whatever it feels is necessary, in the interest of Federation national security.
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