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Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets

The dominant power in the galaxy of astraesto

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Good allies, friends, comrades! Today is the day when we unite at last under one banner, today is the day of our unification, the day our Triumph is inevitable! We proclaim the Federation of Iomhare! Let it last a thousand years!
Gelran Belfust, The Founding of the Federation
The Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, officially the Andisien Federation of the Sectors of Iomhare, Raybia... and so on in the order the Sectors joined the Federation, is a sovereign nation within the Galaxy of Astraesto. It exists as an alliance of tens of hundreds of planets, ruled by a central governing authority, with the President of the Federation being the most influential single person in the Federation Federal Government. The Federation is widely regarded as the Galaxy's sole Hegemon, with an unmatchable amount of power and influence on the Galaxy.   The Federation consists of some 117 Sectors, though the amount of planets each Sector contains vastly differs from Sector to Sector. It also controls territory in the Lord Fendol Galaxy, mainly consisting of mining colonies, as well as having several protectorates, most notably the Republic of Sanoliad - which holds large swaths of territory in the Galaxy of Sanoliad, and the Republic of Kandino. The Federation is bordered by the Kingdom of Apreas to the west - though separated by the Pelleon Anomaly, as well as the 4th Imperial Republic of Jerace to the north and a small border with the Republic of Osheni in the south-west. With a population reaching into the tens of trillions, the Federation is the most populous country in the Galaxy of Astraesto. The national capital is the planet of Anfieden, although most political activity - including most governmental meetings, take place on Envis. The most populated planet in the Federation, as well as the Galaxy, is the ecumenopolis of Fereldana, with a population of over a trillion people.
Humans first arrived in Astraesto 4763 years ago, although large-scale colonisation of the galaxy wouldn't begin until a century after their initial arrival. The New Terran Republic was officially created to organise this newly made territory under a single banner. After over 2 millennia of peaceful colonisation of the galaxy, with the New Terran Republic ruling almost completely unopposed, the 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace was formed, from those disillusioned with the New Terran Republic. With the help of the Republic of Osheni, Jerace won a decisive victory over the New Terran Republic, in what became known as the Jerace-Terran War, or the 1st Galactical War. The Terran Republic collapsed soon after, leaving dozens of regions and solar systems without central power, including most notably Iomhare, and its nearby neighbour Raybia.
And so we unite our two grand republics into a great and glorious Federation!
— Ricky Beddow, President of Raybia
The planets in Iomhare eventually united under Gelran Belfust, to form The Federation of Iomhare, under fear from Jeraci military aggression in the region. Mere weeks after the creation of the Federation of Iomhare, the nearby region of Raybia requested to join, as they too were under constant pressure from the ever-expanding Jeraci Empire. The offer was accepted, and the Federation of Iomhare was reformed into the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, with Belfust becoming the 1st President of the Federation. The Federation has since embedded itself within Galactic politics, quickly becoming powerful with the joining of more and more planets. Many wars have been fought with the various Jeraci Empires, the largest of deadliest of which became the 2nd Galactical War. At the conclusion of the war, the Federation stood in complete victory over Jerace, becoming the Galaxy's sole superpower for hundreds of years. As such, the Federation is often referred to as holding Galactic Hegemony.   The Federation is a Federal Republic and a Presidential Democracy, with Liam Black serving as the current President of the Federation. The governmental body is separated into 5 unique groups, all with their own powers and authority. In order of power, they are the Federal Government, Sector Governments, Planetary Governments, State, City, or Territorial Governments and Local Governments. The Federation was a founding member of the Trans Galactical Trade Organisation, the Galactic Council, the Galactic Bank, Galacticpol, G4 as well as many other international organisations. It is also currently a member state in the Southern Astraesto Defensive Pact, and has defensive pacts with several other galactic nations.

Federation Government

Federation Senate
From left to right
Government POD (29)
FLP (16)
FDL (12)
Opposition FUP (25)
NA (20)
Crossbench FP (7)
RPP (4)
WPF (2)
JF (1)
PFK (1)
House of Planetary Representatives
Government POD (5,998)
FLP (942)
FDL (1,481)
Opposition FUP (2,976)
NA (2,925)
Crossbench FP (453)
RPP (601)
WPF (714)
JF (32)
PFK (27)
IND (3,105)

Deputy President
Erin Denver (FLP)
Union Speaker
Tony Reynel (FDL)

Founding Date
2643 AC
Political, Federation
Predecessor Organizations
Ruling Organization
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Post-scarcity economy
Federal Standard Doller (FSD)
Legislative Body
Federation Congress
Judicial Body
Federatory Judiciary
Official Languages
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Related Species
Related Ethnicities
National Anthem
Our Journey to the Stars
(Many other Sector Anthems)
National Animal
Grey Wolf
National Flowers
National Colours


Kandino has remained a Federation protectorate for millennia, with the Federation providing military protection, but staying out of internal Kandinoen affairs. This has caused a mutual trust to develop between the two, that is rarely if ever broken.

Trusted Allies

The Republic of Osheni and the Federation have long been trusted allies of one another, with the Federation often shielding Osheni from outside threats.


Sanoliad remains the largest Federation acquisition ever, falling under Federation control following the 2nd Galactical War and the Sanoliad-Jerace War. Unlike Kandino, the Federation has and does interfere with the Republic's internal affairs, such as a ongoing scandal involving the Governor of Sanoliad, Timothy Chelly, which has involved the Federation's Federal Police Force.


Despite a rivalry in the past, following the Pact of Anfieden's victory in the 2nd Galactical War, Apreas and the Federation are now close allies.

Reluctant Trade

As a close ally of the 4th Empire of Jerace, Apalachi often finds itself on the opposing side to the Federation. Despite this, trade routes between the two nations are quite lucrative for both nations.

Uneasy Peace

The Empires of Jerace have often been the rival of the Federation, and while the Federation may be the strongest nation in the Galaxy, the 4th Empire of Jerace continues its attempts to thwart Federation power in Astraesto and beyond.


The name Iomhare, the original name for the Federation, is derived from Omaha, which was the name of one of the earliest colonist vessels to the Galaxy of Astraesto. It became the name for the region of Iomhare after Laeria - the previous name for the area, fell out of favour during the 1st Galactical War.   Anfieden first saw use as the predecessor to Laeria for the Iomhare region, following the official renaming to Laeria, the name was instead used to name the planet Anfieden. When the Federation of Iomhare joined with the Republic of Raybia, the nations officially declared themselves the Federation of Iomhare and Raybia, though, in order to not show favouritism to either sector, the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets became the common name for the nation. This convention of not showing direct favour has remained throughout the Federation's existence, with the official name being inclusive of all 117 sectors - making it the longest official name of any nation in the Galaxy, while the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets remains the more popularly used name. The Federation can be used as a shorthand for either.



Early History


Prior to the Treaties of Federation

Before their formation into a Federation, the planets of Iomhare were split between several republics, including the Republic of Envis, the Republic of Retricon, and the Republics of Anfieden and Adiri. These republics were very closely aligned, and despite the occasional conflict, they often protected one another from outside threats.   Iomhare often came under threat from the 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace, which had dominated the Galaxy following their war against the New Terran Republic. The threatening Superpower would directly lead to the unification of the Iomharian republics. The unification would be spearheaded by Anfiedish politican Gelran Belfust and Envien diplomat Maxwell Blayen alongside many other significant political figures, many of whom have become heroes in the modern day Federation.
Anfieden, Envis, and Retricon under one banner, a truely wonderous sight to behold.
Maxwell Blayen, Envien Diplomat
The Federation of Iomhare was officially founded in March of 2643 following the Treaties of Federation between the nations of Iomhare. Belfust would be elected the first President of this new Federation, with Blayen becoming the Minister of the Interior and State.

The Federation of Iomhare

It was a period of Galactic disunity, yet in that disunity, came unity. Iomhare was not alone in its unification, but it was the most significant, and ultimately impactful.
— Placeholder
  The rise of Iomhare into a unified entity was the first of many such unions, between nearby planets. The newfound unity between planetary republics quickly drew the ire of the 1st Empire of Jerace, though by this point the empire had become bloated, and was unable to muster any sort of significant defiance to the new nations.   Iomhare quickly rose to become the most successful of these new nations, with Anfieden also rising to become one of the most powerful single planets in the Galaxy. Iomhare would only remain on its own for the better part of a month, before a union with the nearby Raybia, formed the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets.  

Union with Raybia

  Similarly to the Federation of Iomhare, the Republic of Raybia was formed from many planetary republics joining together. From the day of Raybia's founding, it sought friendly relations with Iomhare. A formal alliance was in place the week after, with many outside Iomhare and Raybia believing the two nations would be close allies for many years.   Inside the two nations, however, calls increasingly began to grow, for more than just an alliance. Both Iomharians and Raybiens were in support of a full union, and despite initially being against it, both governments were soon coming to their own arrangments. It would only take a single month, from the formation of the Federation of Iomhare, for Raybia and Iomhare to decide on unification, with Iomhare as the senior partner.   A new name was also decided on in the negotiations, with the nation being officially known as the Federation of Iomhare and Raybia. The name Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets was first suggested at these negotiations as a way to not show favour to the Iomhare Sector over Raybia and saw some popular support. While not the official name for nearly a year, the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets was commonly used as the colloquial name for the Federation, and it soon became an official name for the nation. Despite this, negotiations involving the Federation always involve the full name that includes every sector.  

Further Expansions and Venish Wars

  Raybia's union with Iomhare prompted many nearby nations to consider similar agreements. Austra was the third to join the Federation, and soon after that, Engonia. The Federation's rapid growth was shocking to most of the Galaxy, although most believed the union would fall apart under pressure.   Four more sectors would make up the eight initial sectors of the Federation, Canadia, Karlien, Jennari, and Witesen, named in the order they joined the Federation. Each of these sectors joining the Federation was the work of months of negotiations between both sides until agreements were finally made.  
The Federation began to stagnate after Witesen's joining, with their next weakest neighbour, Skileta, already in the clutches of the Republic of Venily - though notably, Skileta was not a direct territory of the Republic. Despite the threat Venily posed, Federation ambassadors often met with Skileta leaders and popular figures, and strategic investments into the region garnered much praise among the populace.   In a provocative action, President of the Federation Gelran Belfust directly approached the Skiletan Government and offered a similar unification deal as had been offered to the other initial sectors. Despite fierce resistance for the Republic of Venily, and condemnation by the 1st Empire of Jerace, Skileta would officially join the Federation in 2663.   The union with Skileta greatly increased the strength of the Federation Navy, due to a significant naval shipyard on the planet Andoria, that rivaled the Federation's largest shipyard at Envis. Andoria was considered the biggest prize within the Sector, and it was the planet that the Republic of Venily most desired. To regain control of Skileta, Venily declared war after a false-flag operation in early April, 2663.
Photo by Daniel Leone on Unsplash
  The 1st Venily War began with a general Venish naval offensive across Skileta, with the Federation Navy sending the majority of its own forces to repel the invasion. For the most part, the navies of the two nations were evenly matched, though the Federation did hold a slight numerical superiority over their enemy. However, a force of the Venish Navy, under the command of Admiral Lance Fyfe would circumvent the Interstellar Navy, striking directly at Iomhare, and vital planets like Envis and Anfieden.   The 4th and 6th Fleets were quickly recalled to defend the capital, under the joint command of Admiral Will Hayys, the two fleets would meet with Fyfe's forces in May, leading to an infamous defeat. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, Fyfe would lead his forces to victory against the Federation.   Despite initially expecting only a medium-scale border war with Venily, the Federation was now suddenly at threat of being completely destroyed. The Federation Federal Government quickly declared every State of Emergency they could under their power, and additional fleets were recalled back from Skileta, putting the remaining forces in Skileta in extreme risk. Failing all other option, the Governmental Arm of Intelligence decided to attempt an operation few expected to succeed. Using double agents within Fyfe's fleet, messages made their way from the Arm of Intelligence directly to Fyfe, as well as many of his captains, many of whom - including Fyfe, had expressed discounted about their war with the Federation.     Eventually, after many hidden messages and several close calls, Fyfe had been convinced. After requesting additional forces, Fyfe waited for his new fleet to arrive, and when it did, both his forces and the Interstellar Navy struck hard. Those Venish forces that did not immediately surrender were quickly annihilated, with the Federation suffering limited casualties. With Fyfe's forces now with the Federation, general mutinies across the rest of the Venily Navy, and the Federation gained a complete advantage over Venily.   Federation forces pushed all the way to Emerson - the Venish capital, and began a siege. The Venily Federal Government quickly pushed for a ceasefire, and soon thereafter, an unconditional surrender. Nearly half of the Venily Republic was ceded to the Federation, forming the new sector of Ukalen, as well as a significant number of naval vessels. Fyfe would be officially inducted into the Federation Navy, having been deemed a traitor by the Venish government, and sentenced to death in absentia.  
"They should of learned their lesson the first time"   "Their Masters had other ideas, poor sods never had a chance"  
- Federation Military Officers, aftermath of Emerson Siege
  Seven years later the 2nd Venily War began, following Venish-sponsored terrorist attacks on federal buildings in Iomhare. When a link was made between the terrorists and the Venish government, the Federation formally declared war on the Republic.   Fyfe would lead several Federation Naval fleets directly to Emerson, besieging it soon thereafter. The Federation Army launched an invasion, and the Venish government again collapsed, with huge protests erupting within all their worlds. The entirety of the Republic would be annexed into the Federation, forming yet another new sector, Peleus. The Venily Wars would cement the Federation's place in the galaxy.  

Internal Strife


Andis Revolt and the Federation Civil Wars

  The Federation continued to grow rapidly after the Venily Wars, gaining many new sectors across the rest of the 3rd and the 4th millenniums. However, the Federation Federal Government began to receive hefty criticism by the general populace, in what was seen as an epidemic of government corruption and misuse of power. Tensions would really begin to escalate in the 35th century, especially after the election of Michael Oberyn as President of the Federation.   Many opposition groups would rise against this perceived corruption, with the Andis Family - specifically its patriarch, Aradio Andis, becoming well known for their fierce clashes with the Federal Government. Aradio himself was repeatedly arrested, though he was never held for long. Despite thousands of protests being held throughout the Federation through his period, little actual change occurred. Counterprotesters often violently opposed the demonstrators, leading to even more violence and the deployment of Riot Police.    During a particularly violent anti-government protest, the 16-year-old Elissa Andis, daughter of Aradio Andis, was arrested, and soon thereafter sentenced to a year and a half in juvenile detention. This arrest would only strengthen the resolve of the protesters. In 3458, the Andis Revolt would begin, an armed conflict against the Federal Government on Anfieden  Despite a fierce resistance, and drawn out fighting for nearly two years, the Andis Revolt faltered. Especially following the deaths of many members of the Andis Family, including Aradio, and his three sons, Denver, Mattias, and Logan Andis. But the most notable effect of the Andis Revolt occurred three years later. Elissa Andis would be executed, at the age of just 27 - the youngest in Galactic history, by lethal odourless ingestion. This single act would spark the Federation Civil War, pitting the Andisiens against the Oberynites 

2nd Galactical War and Galactic Hegemony

  By the end of the 4th millennium, the Federation had firmly established itself as one of the Galaxy of Astraesto's premier powers, able to rival even the 3rd Empire of Jerace. Even still, Jerace and its close allies, particularly the Kingdom of Apalachi caused concern, and led to the formation of the Pact of Anfieden, a secret alliance between the Federation, the Kingdom of Apreas, and the Republic of Osheni.  

Modern Day

The Galaxy is in a state of false peace. The great nations of Astraesto pretend they are above such petty conflict, but the truth is far less noble. Jerace continues to push its neighbours around, Apreas and Apalachi continue their never-ending conflict, and even the Federation - however good and honorable it pretends to be, fights a brutal war of oppression against a sector that once voluntarily joined it...  
-The beginnings of a university lecture by Professor Nathan Salveti
    The Federation has been at war with its former sector of Jenmoreneat since 4761, in the Federation-Jenmoreneat War or the 4th Federation Civil War.  
Despite being in an active war, many outside of the direct area would scarcely notice any difference in the Federation's society. The Federation Armed Forces have only placed limited forces in the Sector, and the war has regressed into mass terrorism across the Sector.   Within Jenmoreneat itself, full martial law has been declared, although the Federation Federal Government does not consider the Greater Jenmoreneat government a rebel government, and instead has declared them a terrorist group. As far as the Federation Government is concerned, they are not in a war at all. The Minister of the Armed Forces and other government officials have to watch any words they say, to make sure they never accidentally refer to the conflict as a direct war.   Due to the Federation's reluctance to declare Jenmoreneat to even be in open revolt, Federation Federal Intelligence is the only intelligence agency legally allowed to operate intelligence operations. Whether Federation Secret Intelligence operates in the area anyway is unknown, but many within the Federation believe it does, though they always operate as FFI agents and officials.
Operation Sanctuary
  See Operation Sanctuary Task Force for further info  
Alongside Jenmoreneat, the Federation has faced several other significant threats in the modern day. The most significant in recent times was
Operation Sanctuary, a ginormous Federation Navy operation authorised by President of the Federation Alfred Mantle during the 4760 Kidnapping Crisis, where Senator Lando D.B. Marshall was kidnapped by the 83rd Attack Group.  
Over 700 Federation Naval vessels joined the Operation Sanctuary Task Force, across 8 fleets of the Federation, including the
3rd Sector Fleet. Soon thereafter the Destruction of the 83rd Attack Group ended the crisis, after Lieutenant Admiral Brian Layost of the 2nd Subsector Fleet of the 3rd Sector Fleet lured the fleet out using "Blaze" and his band of pirates. The victory against the 83rd Attack Group has made Layost one of the Navy's most famous active figures, and garnered him the nickname "The Space Devil".
  Despite the ongoing conflict with Jenmoreneat, and events like the 4760 Kidnapping Crisis, the Federation retains a Galactic Hegemony of the Galaxy of Astraesto. Even the Federation's greatest direct rival, the 4th Empire of Jerace pales in comparison to the pure power the Federation is able to wield. The Federation seems primed to continue on for many more years into the future, as it has for the past 2 millennia.

Government & Organisation


Branches of Government

  The Federation is a federal republic and a presidential democracy. The Government is made up of three branches, the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judiciary. Each of these branches is completely separate from one another, and is responsible for different parts of the Government at large.  


  The Executive Branch of the Federation Federal Government is responsible for enforcing laws, and manages the overall governance of the Federation as a whole.   It is led by the Head of State, the President of the Federation, who is also the Head of Government. The rest of the executive branch is made up of 18 ministries (including the department of the Attorney General), as well as ambassadors from the Federation's protectorates - the Republic of Kandino and the Republic of Sanoliad.
Office Incumbent
Deputy President of the Federation Erin Denver
Minister of the Armed Forces Andrea Noruma
Attorney General Linda Collins
Minister of Finance Brand Wattpon
Minister of the Interior and State Patrik Colamen
Minister of Galactic and Foreign Affairs James Stirel
Minister of Commerce Robert Powell
Minister of Labor Estela Sanz
Minister of Trade Sulio Perroti-Sandara
Minister of Healthcare Elahe Qaderi
Minister of Urban Development, and Infrastructure Kayleigh Boyer
Minister of Planetary Transportation Jaime Green
Minister of Interstellar and Space Transportation Rolando Valerio
Minister of Energy and Power Jonas Howe
Minister of Education Erin Wittenburger
Minister of Military Veterans Affairs Elissa Moss
Minister of National Intelligence Brett Darcy
Minister of Technological Advances Benjamin Mchenry
Minister of Agriculture Georgia Reyn
Special Envoy for the Sanoliad Protectorate Rickard Chambers
Special Envoy for the Kandino Protectorate Grace Lathams


  The legislative branch of the Federal Government is known as the Federation Congress, and is separated into two distinct bodies, the Senate, and the House of Planetary Representatives. The legislative branch is technically headquartered the Federal Assembly building on Anfieden, but Congress far more regularly uses the Envien Congressional Assembly as its meeting point, especially as Envis has become the de-facto capital of the Federation.   The Senate is the upper house of the two branches and represents the interests of the Sector Governments of the Federation. The House of Planetary Representatives, often shortened to The House, is the lower but far larger house, and encompasses every single planet that makes up the Federation. Members of the house are elected from pre-established electoral districts, made up of an approximately equal population, which are managed by the Electoral Border Management Commission. This leads to large urban planets like Envis and Fereldana fielding larger numbers of representatives than more rural planets.  


In order to apply the law in the fairest manner possible, and in the most objective way to the writing of the Federation's Constitution, the Judiciary is separate from both the legislative and executive branches. Several federal courts exist, for a variety of matters, and the Sectors of the Federation also operate their own sector courts, however federal courts may overrule them. Federal judges are appointed by the legislature, and may not be replaced unless they are proven to have committed a crime, or are otherwise incapacitated and may not be able to continue in the role.   The most senior of the federal courts is the High Court of the Federation, which deals in matters that relate to the application and meaning of the Constitution. Judges of the High Court are appointed by the President of the Federation with the approval of Congress, however, they must not have held any political position - especially in an elected position, during any point in their life, to prevent bias. Under current Federation law, judges of the High Court must retire by the age of 130. 42 Judges currently make up the High Court, including the High Chief Justice Gorden Eleman.
by Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash
  Below the High Court are two lower Federal Courts, District Courts and Circuit Courts. District Courts are the lowest level of the Judiciary and serve within set upon districts, usually a few dozen per planet. These courts are able to issue search warrants and arrest warrants, conduct initial hearings, set bail, decide certain motions, as well as several other actions. They are primarily used for Federal crimes. Circuit Courts are the next level of the court system, and serve as an appeal system to be heard by a different judge. Circuit Courts cover a far larger area than Districts Courts, with urban planets usually having three or four separate Circuit Courts, in more rural areas of the Federation, a single Circuit Court Judge may be sufficient for an entire planet.

Foreign Policy & Relations

  For the most part, the Federation keeps good relations with many of its neighbours, often investing in smaller planetary republics, and guaranteeing their independence. These investments keep these republics out of the hands of the 4th Empire of Jerace and the Kingdom of Apalachi, the two main rivals to Federation galactic power.   The Federation has embassies in every recognised nation in the Galaxy. In some countries, these embassies are often huge buildings, that tower over nearby structures, in other nations - like the Empire of Jerace, these embassies are more akin to fortresses, and large numbers of embassy security are present.   With the Federation currently holding the Galactic Hegemony, there is little that can be done against them directly, especially with the Kingdom of Apreas being a strong ally. The Armed Forces of the Federation ensure the Federation's continued protection from outside threats, and is by far the largest and most powerful military force in the Galaxy of Astraesto. The Federal Government intends to continue the Galactic Hegemony for as long as possible, continuing to spend a huge amount on their military forces, especially that of the Federation Intersteller Navy.




  The Federation occupies territory in what would be the southeastern portion of the galaxy on a 2-dimensional map of Astraesto. It stretches from the Pelleon Anomaly - where the Federation shares a border with the Kingdom of Apreas, to the southern border of the 4th Empire of Jerace. Researchers are divided on if the Federation is larger or smaller than Jerace, although, with extra-galactic territory considered, the Federation easily trumps Jerace.   117 sectors make up the Federation, although this number changes as sectors are divided, unified, or new nations join. In each sector are a varying number of inhabitable planets, with some sectors having vastly more planets than others.   Alongside these sectors, the Republic of Kandino is also under Federation control, as a protectorate. The Republic is mostly granted autonomy, although it is directly protected by the Federation Navy, and the Federation Army may be deployed within the Republic upon a direct request by the Prime Minister of Kandino.  

Outside Astraesto

  Alongside the territory that the Federation holds within the Galaxy of Astraesto, it also is in possession of large swaths of territory outside of the Galaxy, in three satellite galaxies of Astraesto, Lord Fendol, Sanoliad, and Meridien.   Both Lord Fendol and Meridien are mainly mining territories, with no legal representation. The few planets in these two galaxies that are populated are populated sparsely and mainly serve as headquarters for mining companies. Most of the mining is centred on asteroids, although several planets are also home to significant mining operations. Federation Navy Expeditionary Fleets are responsible for protecting exports from the galaxies to Astraesto.   The Galaxy of Sanoliad meanwhile is much more populated and serves as a protectorate of the Federation under the Republic of Sanoliad. The Republic sees the same representation in the Federation Federal Government as the Republic of Kandino does. Each has an ambassador on the Executive Cabinet, and both provide representatives to both the Senate and the House of Planetary Representatives.  

Flags of the Federation

The Federation employs a variety of flags for many purposes, although the most well-known of these is the National Flag or the Federal Flag, the flag is made of a dark blue field, with a single-yellow 8-pointed star in the centre, surrounded by 8 red 5-pointed stars. Every Sector also has its own unique Sector Flag, though all have a canton of the Federation National Flag. The red stars are known as the sector stars (also initial sector stars), and the larger yellow star is known as the Federal or Federation star.
Flag of the Federation
Federation Flag by SparkyTheSec0nd
The National Flag sees significant criticism, primarily due to it only representing the first 8 sectors to join the Federation. Some redesigns of the flag seek to remedy this by adding an additional 109 stars, but these flags also see criticism for not being simple enough, and also being extremely cluttered. Other designs forgo the sector stars completely, instead enlarging the Federal Star, and adding Federation symbols, such as the Grey Wolf.

Half Mast

  Under Federation Law, all national flags may be placed at half-mast under one or more of several criteria. The President of the Federation has the express authority to order all flags to half-mast, and the Federation Congress may also initiate a vote to lower all flags.   The criteria under which flags must or may be placed at half-mast:
  • The death of a sitting President of the Federation
  • The death of a sitting Federal Minister
  • The death of a significant military figure
  • The death of any foreign Head of State
  • Upon the death of any especially significant Federation citizen, including former Presidents
  • A significant terrorist attack
  • Any other significant tragedy
  • A significant attack on any Federal agency, building, or organisation
  • On any nationally recognized military public holiday
  • National Anthem

      "Our Journey to the Stars" is the current official National Anthem of the Federation. It was first written in 4426, by Dodd McCormac, and was established as the National Anthem by a referendum in 4602, with it replacing "Advance Onwards in Unity".   While "Our Journey to the Stars" is the official national anthem, the vast majority of Sectors have their own sector anthems. Iomhare is one of the only exceptions to this, with it having no sector anthem, and only using the National Anthem. These sector anthems are usually reserved for sporting events within the Federation,  

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