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Lieutenant Admiral

Call up the Subsector Fleets, and get me the Lieutenant Admirals here as soon as possible.
-Admiral Charlie Wallace
The Federation Navy is the pride and glory of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, and is an important cog in the Federation Armed Forces. The Fleets of the Federation number in the dozens, each containing within it many ships, each needing a crew of hundreds. An Admiral is in charge of each of these individual Fleets, but in the midst of battle even the most seasoned commander with perfect communication may falter. Thus the role of the Lieutenant Admiral was created, as Fleets began to number dozens of ships, with some of the biggest now having hundreds.   Directly below the Admiral, yet above any other Navy rank, the Lieutenant Admirals are one of the most important ranks in the Federation Navy. They are directly tasked with leading smaller units of the main fleet during battle. The Lieutenant Admirals have been the cause of many victories the Federation has had over its history. Many of them have proved themselves capable of leading forces in battle, and most of them end up as Admirals in their own right.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Any Lieutenant Admiral can be removed from their rank by their commanding Admiral, as long as the Admiral designates a replacement within a month from the dismissal of the Lieutenant Admiral. This practice is only semi restricted during war time, with the additional approval of a majority of the Lieutenant Admirals under the Admiral.   Subsector Fleets are also slightly different. The Admiral must put in a request with the Naval Chief of State who must then approve it for the Lieutenant Admiral to be removed. The standard rules still apply, with a replacement being needed within a month, and wartime rules are also in effect, the only difference is the request going through the Naval Chief of State.


With the formal creation of the Federation, the constitution was written to cement it's place in the Galaxy. One section of this constitution was specificially related to the creation of the Federation Military and the organisations under it. Namely the Navy, Army and Aerial Forces.    For the first few decades, there was no such thing as a Lieutenant Admiral, due in most part because of the lack of any large scale fleets. Eventually though, the Federation Navy reached a point where there were too many ships for any one man to command in a battle situation. So they created the rank of Lieutenant Admiral, directly below an Admiral, but above a Ship Captain.    For many more years, these new Admirals remained untested in battle due to a period of relative peace in the Galaxy. When eventually they got to prove themselves during the Geria Wars, they showed why they were created. Every battle the Federation fought they won with great ease, in great part due to the Lieutenant Admirals, who were able to perform large scale tactical movements during battle, that would of been impossible without them. These Battles would cement their place amongst the Federation Navy.   Since then Lieutenant Admirals have been an instrumental part of every Federation Fleet, and you would be hard pressed to find one lacking a Lieutenant Admiral.

Notable Holders

Brian Layost 
Brian Layost is one of the most well known Lieutenant Admirals. Nicknamed 'The Space Devil'  and for good reason. Layost is one of the greatest Federation tacticians in living memory, and is most certainly among the best of the Federation in the current day. He commands the 2nd Subsector Fleet of the 3rd Sector Fleet: Valiance. He is well known for his aggressive style of combat, using a deceptively weak fleet. Containing no carriers and few battleships. The 2nd Subsector Fleet is made up of primarily destroyer and cruiser ships. The real power in the Subsector Fleet comes from the 4 Hunter Class Cruiser ships that make up part of the Fleet. These Cruisers use experimental speed jump technology to quickly travel medium distances in mere seconds, especially useful in battle, as Layost has proven many times over. 
    Eden Moss
Eden Moss was a Lieutenant Admiral who served in the 1st Fleet of the Federation during the 1st Galactical War. Specifically she served during the Jeraci Assault of Iomhare. Having served with the Iomhare Defence Fleet, she had never been in a true combat situation, leading many to demand a change in command for not just her but the entire Iomhare Defence Fleet. They were justified, as just over the border of Iomhare stood the largest combined Fleet in the Galaxy's history. Most of the Defence Force's Leadership was replaced, and Moss was intended to be replaced also. But her Fleet was on the outskirts, and was it was therefore going to take some time for the replacement to arrive.   Before the new Lieutenant Admiral could arrive the Fall of Ophare began. The Fleet that Moss commanded was one of the earliest combatants against the Jeraci Forces at Ophare, and it formed a rear-guard to prepare for a retreat from the planet. Lieutenant Admiral Eden Moss proved her skill in battle by holding off an entire Jeraci Armada with a few Battleships, and two dozen cruisers and destroyers for long enough for that the rest of the Federation Forces at Ophare could form a sufficient defence, and many civilians could be evacuated.
Lieutenant Admiral Brian Layost, of the 3rd Sector Fleet
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Still In Use
The Creation of the Federation Navy Clause in the Federation Constitution
Form of Address
Lieutenant Admiral Sir, or simply Admiral (Not applicable when Admiral is present)
Alternative Naming
Second Admiral
Source of Authority
Federation Constitution
Length of Term
Current Holders
Reports directly to
Related Organizations

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