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Hunter Class Cruiser

The Hunter Class Cruiser is one of the most highly advanced classes of ships currently in circulation. Used exclusively by the Federation Navy in the 3rd and 5th Sector Fleets.   They were designed and by engineers of Envis Shipyards Incorporated over the course of a dozen years. Despite numerous setbacks, the first Hunter Class was commissioned to the Navy in 4751, and quickly saw success against pirate and insurrectionist groups. Due to the pure cost of the vessel, the Navy has only ordered 10 Hunter Class Cruisers, 7 of which are in active service, 2 in construction however the last was destroyed in a devastating attack during the Fugantive rebellion. 4 Cruisers are in the 3rd Sector Fleet (specifically the 2nd Subsector Fleet) and 3 in the 5th Sector Fleet.   The real power of the Hunter Class comes in the form of their engines and jump drive. Hunter Class Cruisers are the fastest Federation vessels currently in operation. Their advanced jump drives allows for easy jumps during battle, allowing for vast manoeuvrability during combat operations. A use for which they have proved remarkable at.
Used by
Extremely Rare
Complement / Crew
775 Officers and Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
425 Federation Marines

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