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6th Sector Fleet: Holdfast

The smallest of the Sector Fleets, the 6th Sector Fleet is nevertheless a power tool in the Federation Navy's arsenal. It patrols the furthest portions of the Anfieden Trans Galactical Highway. It is commanded by Admiral Fareed Ahmed.   It's primary adversary is pirates, which often prey upon the travellers of the Trans Galactical Highway. These pirates are in huge numbers, and are constantly looking for pickings. As such, the 6th Sector Fleet is often spread thin, making them unable to hold off a greater attack.   Much like the 3rd Sector Fleet: Valiance, the 6th Sector Fleet uses fortress worlds to it's advantage. It has sizable docking stations at each planet, which makes it easy to quickly respond to attacks.
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Ranks & Titles
1st Sector Fleet: Unity
Military Formation | Dec 31, 2023

The first of the six Federation Sector Fleets

2nd Sector Fleet: Alliance
Military Formation | Dec 31, 2023

The 2nd of the Federation's Sector Fleets, Alliance is commanded by Admiral Jin Chao

3rd Sector Fleet: Vigilance
Military Formation | Dec 31, 2023

Vigilance is one of six Sector Fleets of the Federation, it is led by Admiral Charlie Wallace

4th Sector Fleet: Allegiant
Military Formation | Dec 31, 2023
5th Sector Fleet: Divinity
Military Formation | Dec 31, 2023

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