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3rd Sector Fleet: Vigilance

The 3rd Sector Fleet is one of six Federation Sector Fleets that guard the Anfieden Trans Galactical Highway. Like all Sector Fleets, it is organised into four Subsector Fleets. It is the second largest of the Sector Fleets, behind only the 1st Sector Fleet. It is led by Admiral Charlie W. Wallace. The fleet's area of responsibility surrounds Idantith - home to one of the primary portions of the Trans Galactical Highway, with Aegis Base serving as the command centre for the Sector Fleet.   (Rewrite in Progress)   Among it's ranks is Brian Layost, a tactical genius, known to his enemies as the "Space Devil", a name rightly earned. He commands one of the four Subsector Fleets, one that has few battleships, no carriers and is almost entirely made up of destroyers and cruisers.   The Flagship of the Third Sector Fleet is the Andromus, a powerful carrier, the fleet also contains one of the few Federation Battleship Carriers, the FNV Iomhare. The Third Fleet is the only Fleet apart from the First Sector Fleet to even have a Battleship Carrier, making it rather unique among Federation forces.  



130 thousand men and women serve in the third sector fleet as crewmembers, as well as thousands more security officers and another few thousand officers. The second largest of the sixth fleets. Thousands more help out the fleet on the many Fortress worlds in the sector, mostly on repairs and constructing new ships, arms and armour.   Another several ships, not part of the main fleet run supply missions. These are mainly run by volunteers, but several are enlisted members of the Federation Navy.


252 Destroyers
  • 150 Federation Attack Class
  • 102 Argef Class Transport
118 Cruisers
  • 4 Hunter Class
  • 48 Grasien Class
  • 36 Anfieden Class
  • 30 Peraelious Defence Class
31 Battlecruisers   16 Battleships
  • 14 Idandith Assault Class
  • 2 Trietan Assault Class
4 Carriers
  • FNS Andromus (Flagship)
  • FNS Pavaro
  • FNS ___
  • FNS ___
1 Battleship Carrier
  • FNS Iomhare


Admiral Charlie Wallace commands the Third Sector Fleet, he reports to the Naval Chief of State, but as far as the sector fleet is concerned the Admiral is the highest ranking member of their unit. Below him are the four Subsector fleet commanders, the Lieutenant Admirals. One of which is Brian Layost.   Each ship than has its own ranking system which almost always begins with the captain in charge of the vessel, a chief officer usually follows, followed in turn by a deputy. Command is structure in such a way so that there will in almost all situations be someone to command.


The 3rd Sector Fleet usually prefers a defensive strategy, using the Fortress Worlds as defensive points. Which has so far stopped most attacks by the Empire of Jerace. The Fleet prefers to handle their enemies from a distance, causing mass casualties before they can even get close.   However, one of the Subsector Fleets, the one commanded by Brian Layost uses more... aggressive tactics. Commanding a mainly destroyer, cruiser fleet, Brian uses the technology of the Hunter Class Cruiser to quickly and decisively move around the battlefield. With the assistance of his remaining cruisers and destroyers, most fleets falter, others fight and lose everything. This has caused both Layost and the 2nd Subsector Fleet to develop a reputation which causes most enemies to flee at the mere presence of the fleet.



While not counted officially in the fleets numbers, a couple dozen or so ships from nearby Fortress Worlds nevertheless assist the Sector Fleet in it's daily operations. The most valuable of these ships is the two Trietan Assault Class Battleships, which are some of the most powerful and deadly ships in the entire Federation's arsenal.


With the construction of the Federation's Trans Galactical Highway, the Federation Navy required several fleets in order to garrison it, and keep it safe from both the Empire of Jerace, and other, extra-galactical threats. The 3rd Fleet was built specifically to combat Jeraci forces and as such was given primarily anti fighter ships, including the largest destroyer fleet in the Federation.   It took dozens of years for the first 3rd Sector Fleet to be built. Decades of labour from millions on a dozen worlds resulted in a massive force, one that would be able to hold off even a large scale Jeraci attack. Even in the case of defeat, the Fleet would of been able to hold off long enough for reinforcements from the capital to arrive. Or so the Federation Government believed.   A large effort from Jeraci spies caused a massive mutiny amongst the 3rd Fleet. With most of the navy either destroyed, turned or routed, the Jerace Navy was able to annihilate the survivors. Chaos erupted on Anfieden, and both the 1st and 2nd Sector Fleets were immediately ordered to rendezvous and assist. The 5th fleet was also ordered back to the capital to defend it should the worst occur. The remnants of the 3rd Fleet pulled back towards the capital as well, a single battleship and four cruisers were all that joined the 1st and 2nd.   While small in number the group of ships was still able to impact several battles. And other the course of the war newly built ships were often redirected to the 3rd Sector Fleet's command. A new admiral was appointed, and the rest of the fleet's command structure began to be remade.

Historical loyalties

For almost all of the Third Sector Fleet's existence it has served the Federation first and foremost. However, for a short period around 3300, a large group of the Fleet split off and mutinied. They stated disagreement with the Admiral of the time as the reason, but later investigations found otherwise.   For several years, spies from the Empire of Jerace had been slowly sowing dissent among the various captains, starting small with a couple destroyers and several cruisers before working themselves up to battleships. They had such success that they managed to place a Jeraci into the position of Lieutenant Admiral, with the Federation none the wiser.   What followed was the largest mutiny in the history of not only the Federation navy, but all Federation forces. Over half of the fleet was killed or arrested in the ensuing chaos, and two dozen ships were taken by Jeraci forces including a carrier.   Since then the fleet has been rebuilt to unprecedented heights and numbers, and now the Fleet is the second largest in the Federation.
  • Charlie Wallace
Lieutenant Admirals 
  • Val Morgen (1st Subsector Fleet)
  • Brian Layost (2nd Subsector Fleet)
  • Johnny Hawkins (3rd Subsector Fleet)
  • Vincent Green (4th Subsector Fleet)
Overall training Level
Used by
Ranks & Titles
  • 130,000 Crew
  • 80,000 Security
  • 4,800 Officers
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