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FNV Andromus

The powerful vessel at the head of the 3rd Sector Fleet

The Andromus is a Matthius D. Pensle class fleet carrier of the Federation Navy. The Andromus serves as the flagship for the 3rd Sector Fleet  The vessel is one of the largest in the Federation's arsenal, with only Battleship Carrier's surpassing it for pure size. It can hold a maximum complement of 93 fighter and 23 bomber craft, along with 17 Delta Class Transports. Over 21,000 crew members are required for the ship to operate at maximum efficiency, with the ship able to hold another 60,000 people, alongside its regular complement of 4,000 navy marines.    The Andromus was built by Envis Shipyards Incorporated on June 29th, 4733, after the Federation Navy contracted 3 such carriers to be built. The Andromus was the second built, after the Orion two years earlier. The ship was named by the Envis Shipyards team in charge of making it during its production, with the name sticking even after the Federation Navy gained control of it.   After it was commissioned, the Andromus was allocated into the 3rd Sector Fleet, where it would later become the flagship of 2nd Subsector Fleet Lieutenant Admiral Charlie Wallace. When Wallace was promoted to Admiral of the 3rd Sector Fleet, his kept his old flagship, with the Andromus then becoming the flagship of the entire 3rd Sector Fleet.      The Andromus has since fought against the 83rd Attack Group as part of the Operation Sanctuary Task Force, and currently the ship is preparing to join the 2nd Subsector Fleet yet again, this time a part of the 3rd Sector Fleet, in the Federation-Jenmoreneat War.
Federation Intersteller Navy by Blocky
Creation Date
June 29th, 4733
Owning Organization
Current location
Related Technologies
1,700km/h (Max Cruising Speed) 42ly/s (Light Speed)

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