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Jenmoreneat Rebellion

A grand rebellion against the Galactic Hegemon

Command Bravo Omega, 77th Infantry Division; 4th Brigade declaring distress! I copy, declaring distress! Receiving heavy enemy fire at (unintelligible) Plaza over!  
Copy that 77th, I've got the 14th on hummingbirds en route, ETA. 6 minutes, over.
  Negative, negative, we're (unintelligible) on all sides! Requesting immediate air strike over!  
Roger that on air strike, inbound 60 seconds, good luck, over.
— Communication between Federation ground forces
The Jenmoreneat Rebellion, also known as the Federation-Jenmoreneat War, or the 4th Federation Civil War, is an ongoing conflict between the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets and the rouge sectors of Greater Jenmoreneat. Despite the enermous disparity between the two sides, the conflict has remained relatively even, with the Federation Armed Forces being unable to bring its full might to bear.
      The Federation-Jenmoreneat War, also known as the 4th Federation Civil War, and the Jenmorneat War of Independence, is an ongoing conflict between the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets and Greater Jenmoreneat.   Jenmoreneat was one of the largest Sectors of the Federation, but after the election of Planetary Governors, Murdo Nicholls and Lena Baxland, popular opinion towards the Federation quickly worsened, with many groups, including the official opposition, complaining about the election being rigged and unfair. Protests erupted across the entire sector, with the official opposition leader, Amos Erikson leading many of them.   These protests began to turn to violence as police forces were moved in to combat the protesters. Violence began to explode across the entire Sector, and soon the police were being overwhelmed by the sheer number of protesters. In response, Nicholls and Baxland requested the aid of the Federal Government. President of the Federation Liam Black ordered a small Federation Army unit to the planet, as well as a dozen or so Federation Navy vessels.   This proved only to inspire the protesters to greater heights, and in a speech to his combined followers, Erikson proclaimed a new nation, the Republic of Greater Jenmoreneat, comprised on Jenmoreneat and several adjacent planets which were similarly fed up with the Federation. Many governmental forces inside Jenmoreneat swapped sides soon after, leaving the Federal forces outmatched.   The Federation now considers the Sector in open revolt, and the Federation Armed Forces have been fighting against Jenmoreneat forces across the region.
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