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83rd Attack Group

The 83rd Attack Group was a rogue task force of the 4th Empire of Jerace. Despite being officially unsanctioned by the Jeraci Government, the 83rd Attack Group exclusively fought in Federation Space and was supplied by supply ships loyal to the empire. The 83rd Attack Group and it's Admiral, Celso Franceso became legendary and despite numerous Federation attempts they were able to avoid the Federation Navy for almost half a decade.   It has been estimated that hundreds of ships had been captured or destroyed by the 83rd Attack Group, along with dozens of Navy vessels. All out of an out of the way base that remained secret from the Federation for years. In a particularly ambitious move, the attack group even managed to capture Senator Lando D.B Marshall. A operation which quickly gained the attention of a dozen Federation Fleets, including the 3rd Sector Fleet.   It would be the Space Devil that would finally put an end to Admiral Franceso and his band of pirates. In a move that would leave every Jeraci Admiral fearing the name Brian Layost. Using the crew of a captured vessel he was able to track the 83rd Attack Group to their base. In a surprise attack the entirety of the attack group was destroyed and captured. The 2nd Subsector Fleet of Vigilance emerged victorious, over one of the Federation's most ruthless adversaries since the 2nd Galactical War.
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