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The Capital of the Federation, long eclipsed in power and prosperity

The capital of the Galactic Hegemon, and yet it is far more comparable to an outlying border planet, or a backwater. Once, it may well have been considered among the most powerful planets in the entire Galaxy, but it has now long since been eclipsed by Envis, and a hundred other worlds. Where once it was prosperous, wealthy, and powerful, the planet's only importance comes from its name, and its historical connection to our Federation.
— Unknown
Anfieden is an incredibly noteworthy planet within the Galaxy of Astraesto. A large terrestrial planet, Anfieden serves as the capital world of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, the Galactic Hegemon. Long ago eclipsed by its nearby neighbour Envis, Anfieden has become somewhat abandoned by the Federation and its Government. While it once held hundreds of unique organisations and Federal Ministries, very few remain active on the planet.   While it was once a bustling centre of commerce, and political activity, the vast majority of cities on the planetary surface have become mostly abandoned, with far smaller populations than what they once boasted. Anfedaien and Golden Rise remain the only major cities on the planet, with Anfedaien hosting what remains of the Federal Government's presence on the planet, and the Anfieden Planetary Government.
Anfieden was an early target of colonisation by the New Terran Republic after first being discovered by Matthew Kingley in 74AC. Its breathable atmosphere, and largely passive wildlife giving it a distinct advantage over many over candidates. 12 years following its initial discovery, the planet would be formely colonised, though numerous delays - mostly the result of political infighting, forced only a light colonisation of the planet. Despite its limited resources Anfieden became an attractive destination for many new colonists, and quickly became one of the most powerful planets of the New Terran Republic.
Anfieden became a vital planet in the Republic, and became an important political centre for the fairly decentralised nation. The planet became rich, and was often touted as a prospective ecumenopolis - long before Humanity had the technology to acomplish such a feat. Its power, and ecomomic value, saw it become a key target during the 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace's invasion of the New Terran Republic during the 1st Galactical War.

Astrographical Overview


Planetary Overview




Golden Rise


Abandoned Regions & Outskirts


Major Locations

The Capital might as well be just another backwater planet, to think the galactic superpower of an entire galaxy isn't even able to muster a billion souls in their theoretical centre. To allow another planet entirely to hold dominion is an absurd notion, and is a sign of weakness for the so-called insurmountable Federation.
    Rewrite Article         Anfieden is a large terrestrial planet that serves as the official capital of the Federation of Allied Planets. It is a part of the Iomhare Sector, where it has a comparatively smaller population compared to most of its immediate neighbours. Much of Anfieden's power and wealth have been eclipsed by Envis, which now serves as the de-facto capital of the Federation, nevertheless, Anfieden has remained the capital of the Federation since its founding.   The planet has been inhabited by humans since the discovery of Iomhare in 123AC by explorers of the New Terran Republic. Initially, the Iomhare sector was named Laeria, after a notable New Terran Republic admiral, but was later renamed. True settlement of a large number of humans truly began in 125AC, after the preliminary stage of Planetary Terraforming was completed, allowing humans to fully settle on the planet. Anfieden would prosper, as would the rest of Iomhare, due in part to the high habitability of Iomharian planets, as well as many trade prospects, that made their way through Anfieden and Iomhare.   The dissolution of the New Terran Republic in 2306 saw Anfieden become a planetary republic, closely aligned with Adiri, its closest neighbouring planet. Anfieden and Adiri would remain independent entities for the next 300 years. 2643 saw the formation of the Federation of Iomhare, spearheaded by Gelran Belfust - the President of Anfieden and Adiri. Soon after, a union with the nearby Republic of Raybia created the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. Naming the nation after Anfieden saw large controversy across Federation territory - a controversy that still exists in the modern age, but government officials justified it by saying that Anfieden was the planet that unified the Federation, as is their most vital and important planet.   Until the 1st Federation Civil War, Anfieden would remain one of the most powerful planets in the Astraesto Galaxy. After the Andisien victory in the civil war, much of the Federation Federal Government would be relocated to Envis, drastically reducing the power Anfieden wielded in the Federation.    


Anfieden is a planet split into 8 continents. While still having large landmasses, a majority of the planet is covered by the oceans. The 8 continents are, in order of size, North Reaysn, Triefias, South Reaysn, Onall, Aneyeon, Asarli, Honrand, Trepalore. Each has its own in depth history stretching back thousands of years, millennia before the creation of the first space faring craft.   North and South Reaysn:   Trieflas:   Onall:   Aneyeon:   Asrali: Asrali is one of the two continents still inhabited by Mankind, the other being Onall. Asrali is where Anfedaien is located, the Planetary Capital of Anfieden.    The continent itself is quite flat, with few mountains and only a few large hills to dot the landscape. A long time ago the whole continent was covered by a forest, the largest on Anfieden. But when humans came they cut down the trees to make room for their cities. Thousands of years later the vegetation looks overrun what humanity took away, even if gardeners routinely cut down trees closing in on the outskirts of the abandoned city.      Honrand:   Trepalore:


Astrographical Information
  • Aladran
  • Aladen
  • Chanarin
Physical Information
Diameter 11,224 kilometres
Atmosphere Type A
Primary Climate Temperate // Continental
Primary Terrain Plains, Mountainous
  Societal Information
Native Species
  • Arogen 
  • Lazaren 
Immigrated Species
  • Human 
  • Numerous Domesticated Species
Primary Language
  • 1.5 Billion
  • Anfiedish
Major Cities
  • Anfedaien
  • Golden Rise
Planetary Laws and Legality
Planetary Citizenship
  • Jus Sanguinis
  • 32 Months Minimum
Federation Immigration
  • Open Borders
Galactic Immigration
  • Minor Restrictions
Age of Work
  • 18
Age of Drinking
  • 19
Age to Drive 
  • 16.5
Age to Drive 
  • 24
Location under
Characters in Location
Inhabiting Species


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